Plot Thunai Mudhalvar story is about an MLA who decides to sacrifice himself for the welfare of his village people Director cum actor K Bhagyaraj Jayaram K

Thunai Mudhalvar-(unopposed) Movie Review

Thunai Mudhalvar-(unopposed) Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Thunai Mudhalvar"
Runtime: 2 Hours 31 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 10-04-2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
2 / 5.0

Plot: Thunai Mudhalvar story is about an MLA who decides to sacrifice himself for the welfare of his village people. Director cum actor K. Bhagyaraj, Jayaram, Kadhal Sandhya, Shwetha Menon and Junior Balaiah are in the star cast.

Manjamaakanoor is a village, where the people are not provided with any basic facilities such as Schools and hospitals. But it is very weird to see that the village has satellite televisions! It is said that, the village is separated by a river and so it is kept aside and there is no one to care the village. The people in the village do not get the facilities, as there is no bridge to cross the river. But how come the television is the question mark here? As they are illiterate, they believe anything blindly. It is said that they are not aware of the Titanic story and think that it is the story that depicts the love and affection between a brother and a sister. Periyapandi and Chinnapandi are the cousins in the village, who are very close friends too. Chinnapandi is engaged with Rukmani.

While the life is going on like this, Periyapandi commits in politics and assures the people that he will bridge upon the river and the people trust him. Two big political parties support Periyapandi and he wins the election, as unopposed. After winning in the election, Periyapandi was given the post of the Deputy Chief Minister. After a while, he starts to realize that, the politicians never allow him to do anything good for his people. So, he decides to sacrifice his life, only then there will be a bi-election conducted and the politicians will march against the village and do at least something good to gain the votes. Will he end his life or saved by the people is the rest of the story.

The film does not look like a Bhagyaraj movie. In many places it looks like a poor TV serial. The talent of Kadhal Sandhya is wasted here. Shwetha Menon is used for some adults’ only purposes and it looks irritated. Bhagyaraj has done his part in his own style with the adult only comedies. A good story is wasted by poor handling and hence there is no proper response from the audiences. Thunai Mudhalvar… it is not the family entertainer !