Arun Bharathi is a South Indian lyricist. He is an upcoming artist, and he has worked in some movies in the Tamil and Telugu film industry. Arun Bharathi has worked as a lyricist for about four Tamil films and a Telugu movie. His debut song as a lyricist was for the film named Paravai which is a Tamil drama movie directed by film director Rajesh Vijay and starring actors Anjana Chandran Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Rajesh Vijay in important roles. This movie got released in the year 2013. Arun Bharathi was born in a small town called Uthamapaalayam near Kambam Pallathaaku in Theni district. He was born as a son to farmers who did coolie work for their daily bread. His father ran the bullock carts, and his mother maintained all the animals. Arun Bharathi lived in his village for 18 years which became the root of inspiration for his poems and lyrics.

He was always interested in literature even as a child. Though his father is not educated, his love towards speeches, poems, and Tamil literature instilled interest and talent inside Arun Bharathi. During his school days, Arun Bharathi was a well-known speaker among the students. He then started reading a lot of poems to improve his skill and to quench his love for this art. Arun Bharathi was especially known to enjoy writings of Tamil poet Vairamuthu. He had a particular interest in Vairumuthu as he was also born in Arun Bharathi's hometown along with Tamil film director Bharathiraja and music director Ilayaraja. In his 11th grade in school, Arun Bharathi read a poem of Vairamuthu on the great Subramaniya Bharatiyar.

This was the incident that introduced him to the mega poet's writings. After that, Arun Bharathi was awed by poet Bharathi Dhaasan. After reading these many poems, Arun Bharathi started writing on his own. When asked how he remembers difficult verses of so many artists by-heart, he says that the sound of the poem and the arrangement of the words makes it easy to remember. He started writing since his father's demise. On the dreadful day of his death, his father was working before a batch of sand fell on him, and he was buried alive by this accident. This incident created a major impact on Arun Bharathi, and he wrote his first poem on this. His poetry started with pain and not with love. When this happened, he was in 12th grade.

Muthamil Rms Tamil Actor

Muthamil Rms

Muthamil is a lyricist in the South Indian film industry. He is especially famous in the Tamil film industry. He has also worked as a supervising engineer at one of the reputed industries called BHEL. He however resigned and decided to follow his passion as a lyricist, musician and a singer.As far as his filmography is concerned, he has worked for a large number of films. His first ever song was "Ring, Ting" from the movie Udhayan which was released in the year 2011. In the year 2012, he came up with the song "Podi Vechi Pudippan" from the filmAttakathi. He wrote lyrics for the song "Nenaikuthey"from the movie Pizza which was released in the year 2012. In 2013, he worked for two songs. The song "Sa Ga" was from the movie Soodhu Kavvum and "Mella Sirithai" from the movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham. Muthamil worked for four films and released numerous songs in the year 2014. They were - "Kadhal Ara Onnu Vizundhuchu" and "Podhum Nee Ini Varundhadhe" from the filmVaayai Moodi Pesavum. There were other songs as well, like, "Uchiyila Udhichavane", "Rasa Magarasa", "Kadhal Kanave", "Idhu Enna"and "Killadi Oruthan". In 2014, he also worked for a few more songs from the movie Sathuranga Vettai and Jigarthanda. Muthamil worked for six movies in the year 2015. There were - Touring Talkies, Enakkul Oruvan, Indru Netru Naalai, Thakka Thakka, Sathuran and Masala Padam. During this year he worked on songs like "Touringu Talkiesu", "Prabhalamagave", "Kuttipoochi", "Naane Thaan Raja", "Yaar Ivano", "Ringa Ringa Roses", "Evolution of cinema", "Paena Munai Dhan". In the year 2016, He worked for seven movies. They are - Irudhi Suttru, Darling 2, Iraivi, Aangila Padam, Kaashmora, Kattappaya Kanom, Koditta Idangalai. He composed the song "Vaa Manchaney" from the movie Irudhi Suttru. He wrote, "Olarava Olarava", "Sollatumaa" and "Kaatril" from the movie Darling 2. Muthamil wrote the songs "Kadhal Kappal" and "Solla Thudikkudhu Manasu" for the movie Iraivi. He also wrote "Jagadhammaa" and "Thakida Thakida" for the movie Kaashmora. In 2016, he also worked for the film Aangila Padam by composing the song "Kana Kanden". For the movie Kattappaya Kanom and Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga, he composed the songs "Kangalai Suttrum Kanavugalai", "The Vatti Song" and "Vaa Jannal Oram". Apart from composing songs, Muthamil has also played his role as a singer for a number of movies. In 2016, he sang the song "Olaravaa olaravaa" for the movie Darling 2 and "Naalu Peru" for the filmAangila Padam.


Yuki Praveen

Yuki Praveen is a lyricist in the Indian film industry. He has extensively worked in the Tamil cinematic world. He is a singer as well as a lyricist. He had the singing streak from the time of the child and very soon he realized it and started working towards his singing goals. The lyricist always had a keen interest in the field of music. He started his journey from a small age and realized his dream with the movie Kappal. He worked in the crew of the film as a playback singer. The film got directed by Karthik G Krish and had the ensemble star cast of Vaibhav Reddy, Sonam Bajwa, Karunakaran, Ganesh, and Arjun. It narrated the story of four buddies who took the vow of celibacy but everything changes when one of them fell in love with a girl. The other three friends, not so happy with the development tried to break his relationship. Yuki worked on many of the songs of the film. He worked in the movie ‘Pandavullu Okkalu, also known as Yoogan in the year 2015. He wrote the lyrics for the songs of the film. It got directed by Komal G and had the star cast of Yashmih, Sakshi Aggarwal, and Shyam Irthirasan in the main leads. The songs got released by the Oriental motion pictures soundtrack. The music was highly acclaimed and gathered a lot of applause from the audience. Yuki recorded with many famous labels including Sony Music Entertainment and worked with the best professionals of the music industry. He is a dedicated and hard-working man. He had the skill of Rapping which he evolved and took his talent to the social media platform. On Youtube, he posted many videos rapping famous songs. He also wrote the lyrics of his songs and rapped them on the digital platform. He made the record of fastest Rap of one fifty-five words in twenty-eight seconds and forty-six words in fifteen seconds. The lyricist worked with eminent directors, talented actors, and famous singers of the industry. He learned from each one of them and made a name for himself in the cinematic world of songs. He faced many difficulties in his life but never looked back and consistently tried to deliver his best. He made his destiny out of his commitment and dedication towards his goal.

Yuki Praveen Tamil Actor