Junior Balaiah is a well-known theater and movie actor in Kollywood. His real name was Raghu. His father was T.S. Balaiah, a reputed comedian, and villain of the 1970’s and 1980’s. He was the third kid in their family. His stage name has been taken from his father’s name. He has mainly portrayed supporting characters in a career spanning over forty years. His first movie Suttaan Sutten’s production got stalled after the death of his father just three days after production had started. This was to be helmed by M.R. Radha, and he was to act alongside his father in the movie. He appeared in numerous films after this, but they failed, not living up to the high standards that his father had set. His failures pushed him into bankruptcy and finally he began to practice as an Evangelist. He also set up a healing center known as Healing Stripes Ministry. He returned to movies in the 2010’s though. Mainly portraying supporting characters, he was highly appreciated and received critical acclaim for his role of a headmaster in the 2012 Movie Sattai.

It was a movie about a teacher who is unhappy with the education system and is also worried about the pitiable condition of education in government schools. The movie follows his efforts on how he reforms the school. After Sattai, he appeared in fewer movies and became selective about his roles. Junior Balaiah is married to Suzanna. He has a wonderful family consisting of son Murali and daughter Nivedha. He has an intention of turning producer to launch his son in movies. As a practicing evangelist, his testimony proclaims Jesus Christ as the only true God and Savior of mankind. He is of the opinion that love marriage is the best form of marriage. He believes in the concept of love, not in infatuation. As he stated once “Parents should love and be affectionate towards their children so that the children take them as a role model and feel proud of their parents.”

Hrishikesh Tamil Actor


Hrishikesh is an Indian actor with mesmerising black eyes and fair complexion. Born in Chennai, he did his schooling from Padam Sheshadri Wala Bhavan and college from Madras University. After completing the course of visual communication, Hrishikesh moved on to his film career. He works as an actor and an assistant director. Legends ‘Rajinikanth’ and ‘Mohanlal’ are role models for him. A few years ago, this youngster, joined hands with director ‘Jayendra’ as an assistant director for two years and worked with him in a few ad films. After working for one-and-a-half year in ads, he got the happy news that he may get a chance to move on to a higher level and his life would be on track. One message from ‘Dhanush’ changed his whole life. He had a look test for Dhanush’s new production named ‘VIP’. VIP, Velai Illa Pttathari, is a Tamil film and Hrishikesh starred as a young brother in the movie. To act with two national winners, Dhanush and Saranya Ponvannan, was a great opportunity for him. Hrishikesh’s great-grandfather, ‘K. Subramanyam’, is considered a pioneer in Tamil cinema, and has been a big inspiration for him. He was an average student in his school days but was sure about his future that he wanted to become an actor. Always been a first-day-first-show person, anything related to film excited him. Due to his visual communication course, he was able to devote a lot of time to films. While talking with The Hindu, he said, “We did quite short films. I starred and directed in psych thriller subject named ‘Shadows’, a story about a person with multiple spilt personality disorder. I also did another movie named Post Hangover.” His currently released project VIP has been a great opportunity for him where he worked with Dhanush and ‘Velraj’ Sir. After establishing himself as a successful actor, Hrishikesh wants to dabble with direction in future.



‘Rajaj’ is a movie actor from Tamil Nadu. He is best known for his films ‘Sathuran’, and Moodar Koodam. He is from the Salem District of Tamil Nadu. He always wanted to act in pictures, but had to take up a job in information technology, because his family was not very well to do. He first got a small part in the movie ‘Ko’, after which he got noticed by director Naveen. He kick started his acting career in 2013 with the motion picture Moodar Koodam. He played the role of a character called ‘Vellaisamy’ in the picture. Moodar Koodam is a musical comedy. Naveen was the producer, director and also the scriptwriter of the film. Not only that, but he also stars in his picture. It was his first movie as a director. It’s story is similar to Attack the Gas Station, a film made in Korea. It not only launched Naveen as a director and actor, but also kick started the careers of Rajaj himself, as well as Sentrayan and Kuberan. The title ‘Moodar Koodam’ means ‘Fools gathering’ in the English language. Rajaj teams with Tamil actress ‘Oviya’ romantically in Moodar Koodam. The other movie Rajaj has done till date is ‘Sathuran’. It was a Tamil thriller film. It was released to the public in the month of October, 2015. He played the character of a person named ‘Dheena’ in the motion picture. Renowned Tamil film director, K. Rajeev Prasad, directed the film. G. Radhakrishnan and K. Rajeev Prasad, the director, also co-wrote the script of Sathuran. The movie stars Raju Easwaran as Pasupathy, Varsha as Janani, Kaali Venkat as Kumar and Rajaj as Dheena. P. Ponnusamy produced the movie and M. Annamalai was the motion picture’s executive producer. A. K. Rishal Sai was its music composer. The cinematography was by G. Monic Kumar. Rajaj and Varsha are paired romantically for this film. The duo was present at various promotional events and interviews in 2015 before the release of Sathuran.

Rajaji Tamil Actor