Plot: Sagaptham is the debut movie of Vijaykanth s son Shanmuga Pandiyan. He plays the title role Saga. Saga is a village boy, who set out to Malaysia and becom

Sagaptham Movie Review

Sagaptham Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Sagaptham"
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 02-04-2015
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
1.5 / 5.0

Plot: Sagaptham is the debut movie of Vijaykanth’s son Shanmuga Pandiyan. He plays the title role Saga. Saga is a village boy, who set out to Malaysia and becomes a detective.

The film got released with a high expectation of the star kid film. Shanmuga looks like his father and performs action sequences well as his father. The story of Sagaptham is not a special one and it is a stereotype movie from yesteryears. The debut movies of the star kids always create strong expectations and Sagaptham too does that; but it failed to reach the audience due to poor story selection. There are many big shots in this movie like Devyani, Thalaivasal Vijay Vijay ( Vijaykumar) got the title Thalaivasal as h >> Read More... Thalaivasal Vijay , Suresh and Ranjith. Though there is a good star cast, they are given limited roles and provided with the duty to praise the hero.

The entire film is said to have shot in Malaysia. There are two heroines in this film. The heroines just come in and recite the dialogues and dance with the hero; then argue and fight with him. Both the heroines are not properly used and their lip sync is poor. They should have given proper training to the heroines or should have chosen some better girl who could at least manage the dialogues. This is one of the biggest negative points in this movie along with the story. Shanmuga Pandian Shanmuga Pandian was born on 1stJanuray 1986 in th >> Read More... Shanmuga Pandian is a smart young boy. He should not be given such a risky role with punch dialogues in the debut movie. Vijaykanth appear in the film as a guest. Though Kadal was a flop, Gautam Karthik got a good debut with Maniratnam. Surya was also introduced under Maniratnam’s banner. Atharva got a good role in Bana Kathadi and Vijay was uplifted by his father and of course Vikram Prabhu Vikram Prabhu works in Tamil films as an Actor. Fr >> Read More... Vikram Prabhu made a record through Kumki. All these are Star kids who got good value in their debut movie, under a good banner and a good story and a good director.

Vijaykanth could have brought his son at a right time with a right story. Better Luck next time, smart little young boy Shanmuga Pandiyan!