Summary: The Tamil movie Pasanga , is a directorial venture by Pandiraj. The movie has been produced by Sasikumar, and it comes as a surprise to the fans tha

Pasanga Movie Review

Pasanga Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Pasanga"
Runtime: 2 Hours 38 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-05-2009
Genre: Drama
4 / 5.0


The Tamil movie ‘ Pasanga Click to look into! >> Read More... Pasanga ’, is a directorial venture by Pandiraj. The movie has been produced by Sasikumar, and it comes as a surprise to the fans that there is no big difference between the emotions encountered by the children and the adults. Also, the movie has proven that even children can surpass the adult actors, be it with the delivery of emotions, or delivery of dialogues.


The plot revolves around two children, Anbukkarasu and Jeeva, who are in conflict with each other. Anbukkarasu has to move from a private school to a government school, due to the financial constraints that his family suffers. Jeeva is the son of a school teacher, and hence, he is accorded special care. But, Jeeva does not fare well in his studies. On the contrary, Anbukkarasu does well in his studies and this provokes jealousy in Jeeva. The clash between the two young children causes a fight among their parents as well. However, Vimal and Vega do not mind the difference of opinion among their two respective families. They are in love with each other. The following twists prove interesting for the audience and makes the movie a quality entertainer.

Star Performances:

The way Anbukkarasu’s relatives are portrayed in the movie is worth a salute. However, the portrayal of Jeeva’s relatives is not up to the mark. There is too much of exaggerated villainy in the character done by Jeeva, which some audiences might find hard to digest. The movie cannot be called a children’s movie since seething hatred is magnified on the screen. Vimal and Vega have done the romantic scenes near to perfection, and it comes as a whiff of fresh air in the movie.


The movie ‘Pasanga’, comes to terms with difficulties that children undergo. Also, it has stressed that their emotions are not different from the emotions that adults undergo. Their reactions to situations may be childish, but the underlying emotion is the same. The characterization of the children is also very genuine. It is the smaller version of the bigger world of adults. There is a particular scene which shows a teacher being shouted at. And, it is the teacher’s son who screams. The scene comes as a setback to the otherwise good story.

What is not there?

1. In a few places, the screenplay lacks continuity.

2. There is plenty of seething jealousy projected in the movie, and it cannot suit some child audiences.

3. Portrayal of some characters could have been better.

What is there?

1. The dialogues are worth cheering.

2. The way the camera has been handled deserves praise.

3. The romantic scenes between Vimal and Vega are a big strength to the movie.

4. The numbers in the movie are good and are being hummed by audiences till date.


Overall, movie can add a couple of stars to it’s badge.