Saivam which means vegetarian is a simple family based drama which gives a message to be vegetarian and promote wildlife protection A L Vijay director of t

Saivam Movie Review

Saivam Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Saivam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 27-06-2014
Genre: Drama, Family
3 / 5.0

Saivam, which means vegetarian is a simple family based drama which gives a message to be vegetarian and promote wildlife protection. A. L. Vijay, director of this movie as well as the writer, have shown very nicely, love for a pet as being human. It gives a message that to be vegetarian so that murder of animals should minimize. It got a good review after releasing. It is about the love of a small child for her pet. Child artist Sara was in the lead role as the along with Nassar.

Plot: The film starts with an aged person named Kathiresan was living in a village with his youngest son, his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter Tamizhselvi. His other sons and a daughter live outside with their respective families. His sons and daughter visited him along with their families for a yearly festival. As everything was not going well in their family, they all decided to slaughter their pet to perform a ritual sacrifice which was part of their poultry. This news made little Tamizhselvi feel bad. She doesn’t want this to happen as she was very close to that pet.

This movie was further based on the protest of that small girl against her family members to save that pet when everyone is against him. This film shows every color of a joint family. Small and remembering fights between cousins, family member’s sweet and salty relation between the ladies of the house, these are some beautiful punches of this film.

Analysis: This movie introduces a sweet and caring relation between a baby girl and a roster. Sweet and innocence of child artist and his love for her pet with a beautiful message, touches everyone’s heart. In short, we can say this combination of relation with village background was enough to get public attracted towards it. This movie is full of the newcomers, and common actors who are not very popular but all were good in their role assigned to them. This movie will bring you back to you, realizing your family values and will bring back to your childhood days.

Star Performance: Son of actor Nassar made his debut through this film with the role of Senthil. This movie does not contain big stars, just not so popular faces who were amazing in their respective roles and made director proud. The outstanding performance was done by the baby girl Sara, and Nassar touched everyone’s heart. They were praised a lot by everyone. Cinematographer Nirav Saha hasn't attempted much to make village location beautiful. Music done by G. V. Prakash is soft and very pleasant which suits on the background. A song Azhagu, sung by an eight-year girl Uthara was very popular and was praised by people and for which, she is awarded.

What’s there?

1. Village life-based story and a sweet and salty relation between family members.

2. love of a small girl towards her pet shows an immense relation.

What’s not there?

1. Any entertaining romance, or love story and lack or action.

2. The cinematography is not well and sometimes is a backdrop.

Verdict: As a whole, we can say this is worth a watching. Easy going and lovely story which can entertain us and gives a sweet message also.