Marina is a national award winning film directed produced and written by Pandiraj and starring Oviya and Girish G In this movie director have beautifully desc

Marina Movie Review

Marina Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Marina"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 03-02-2012
2.25 / 5.0

Marina is a national award winning film directed, produced and written by Pandiraj and starring Oviya and Girish G. In this movie director have beautifully described the life of small children who works near Marina beach. The story is about the importance to teach those children who are poor and can only dream about school and education. It got mixed views from different platforms.

Plot: The story starts with the introduction of a little orphan boy who left his cruel uncle’s home to Chennai and reached Marina beach. He earned by working there as a water packets seller. Soon other children became his friend, and he started enjoying there. As his biggest dream was to get educated so, he was saving money. Some people who were also living near beach started loving and caring him. Thus his life goes on, and the film shows how he managed there. It is little boring and easily predictable and easy going kind of story giving a message to the public. Film is said to be inspired by Hindi movie ‘Salam Bombay.’

Analysis: The story describes every type of people works there. However, this is not so good as story wise and seems little documentary based but still entertaining. Beautiful location of the beach and growing love story with moving waves is another lovely part of this movie. The soft and refreshing sound of waves along with melodious music given by Girish binds a sweet and mesmerizing atmosphere. Overall it got a rating of 2.75 which state that it is worth watching. Beautiful story written by Pandiraj describes the life of people in Marina beach. Spreading a meaningful message through this film he tried a new way to entertain the public. The soundtrack is composed by Girish, the debut music director London based musician. The music released on 9th January 2012 at the Marina beach. Na Muthukumar penned song ’Vanakkam Vaazhavaikkum Chennai’ just says everything about Chennai and life in it. This song was praised a lot by people and earned positive reviews. .

Star Performances: For a film to be successful, the location and perfect photography is must. When any film is shouted, its filmography could give life to even a most boring story. In this department, this movie has won the competition. The beautiful sight we can see is its best part. Chenemetrography done by Vijay is just up to the mark. Music is also very entertaining. All the cast playing different roles were encouraging. Children were just exceptional while playing their respective roles. Lead role Sivakarthikeyan was sometimes doing comedy and serious, and there was not any impactful role for the female lead.

What’s there?

1. Beautiful marina beach and its story.

2. The outstanding cinematography, which makes this beach look more attractive.

3. Life to people living near the beach.

What’s not there?

1. Boring story which is just enough for social motives.

2. There is no story for the actress Oviya.

Verdict: Everyone’s life is not same. There is some difference in others lifestyle which they enjoy in their way. This movie describes a life of people of Marina beach and is a must watch movie.