Plot Papanasam It is the most expected film by the fans of Kamal Hassan and the whole Tamil industry too There is no need to explain about Kamal s perfo

Papanasam movie review

Papanasam movie review Tamil
Review for the film " Papanasam"
Runtime: 3 Hours 01 Minute
Certificate: U
Released: 03-07-2015
Genre: Drama, Family, Thriller
4.4 / 5.0

Plot: Papanasam…. It is the most expected film by the fans of Kamal Hassan and the whole Tamil industry too. There is no need to explain about Kamal’s performance in this movie, as he is a legend who does everything perfectly and sincerely.

Usually Kamal do some special stories, which are specially made for him and by him. This time he has taken the remake weapon in his hand. Papanasam is the remake version of Dhrishyam of Malayalam, which was performed by Malayalam’s favorite Lalettan, Mohan Lal along with Meena. This film hit the box office and was praised for the screenplay and performance.

The story starts with Suyambu lingam and his family who are living in a small town Papanasam. Suyambu is married and is the father of two cute daughters. He lives with his family peacefully, until his daughter is under exploitation due to the technology. He takes essential steps to save her. His family gets into trouble and how he saves his family is the rest of the story. The director has handled the screenplay carefully. Niveda Thomas has performed as Kamal’s elder daughter and Gautami as his wife. This film has Asha Sharath in the main role, as she did in Dhrishyam. This Bharathanatyam dancer performs perfectly and her eyes express the feeling inch by inch.

As it is a Kamal movie, acting does not lack, as he helps each and everyone who acts with him by providing simple acting tips. Jeethu Joseph has given an excellent film to the Indian film industry with a simple story. If it gets hit in Tamil, surely this film will be remade in some other languages soon.

Overall, it is a worthy film to be watched with family. Papanasam…. A complete family thriller!