Certain things in life are perceived with great fear But when we look back at them after some time or even some years we manage to birng a chuckle in our fa

Mundasupatti Movie Review

Mundasupatti Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Mundasupatti"
Runtime: 3 Hours 26 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 13-06-2014
Genre: Comedy
3.75 / 5.0

Certain things in life are perceived with great fear. But when we look back at them after some time, or even some years, we manage to birng a chuckle in our face. Mundasipatti is one such film. An outright comedy fare! That's Mundasupatti for you. Watch the film to feel its freshness. 


Mundasupatti is set in the backdrop of 1982 where the people are superstitious and rooted with deep-rooted ideologies. They believe in a meteorite that landed in their area, as God. in the meantime Vishnu is managing a photo studio named Hollywood studio, in Satyamangalam. He is assisted by Kaali Venkat. When they go to Mundasupatti on an assignment, there is a surprise for them. These people believe that photographs will only decrease their age. And there is the love story of Vishnu, who falls for the village belle Nandita. She is the offspring of the village head. How Vishnu gets the hands of Kalaivani forms the rest of the story.

Star Performance

Vishnu fits the role to the T; he excels in the comedy role. Nandita too has done an outstanding job. Ramadoss, as the aspiring actor has done an excellent job and there it is no exaggeration to tell, that he is the show stealer.. And not to miss Kali Venkat, who has shown exemplary performance. 


Mundasupatti was incipiently made to be a short film. This flick is quite a success for the director since he has presented an unbelievable subject in a convincing manner. 

What's there

1. There is decent comedy in the film, which is its main highlight.
2. The dialogues are at their humorous best.
3. Ram Kumar's script gels well with the narration.
4. Even stupidity seems beautiful in this movie. 
5. P V Shankar's camerawork is top notch. 
6. Sean Roldan's music (specifically Rasa Maharasa) and BGM is up to the mark. 

What's not there?

1. The romance element could have been crafted well. 
2. Certain scenes are in predictable lines. 


Mundasupatti-the perfect laugh riot! Just forgive its minor defects.