Sean Roldan is an upcoming Tamil musician and his birth name is Raghavendra Raja Rao. Raghavendra is the son of well-known Mridangam player Srimushnam V Raja Rao and the Padma, the daughter of novelist Sandilyan. His birthplace is Chennai Raghavendra chose his stage name as Sean Roldan to get rid of the Carnatic image he had and to drift towards something new. Raghavendra has worked on Carnatic, independent and film soundtracks for the Tamil Industry.

He came into light for his work in Balaji Mohan’s bilingual ‘Vaayi Moodi Pesavum|Samsaaran Arogyathinu Haanikaaram (2014). After working as an independent musician for few years Raghavendra decided to start a band along with his friends and there came into existence the band ‘Sean Roldan and Friends’. Raghavendra played lead vocalist and guitarist in the band and along with his friends gave us some hit music. The band rose to fame when their song ‘Mandira’ and ‘Mayakura Poo Vasam’ went viral and were liked by thousands. The favorite genre of the band is the folk and the blues but their band ‘Sean Roldan and Friends ‘doesn’t fit into any particular genre. Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison Jim Morrison aka James Douglas, is an American sin >> Read More... Jim Morrison are his role models and also his inspiration. In one of his interviews when asked about the future of the band, Raghavendra mentioned their dream is to represent the young India. He even mentioned that he desires to revolutionize the society through their songs.

Film producer C V Kumar was very impressed by the young talent that he decided to recommend Raghavendra to producer who was in search of a composer for his new bilingual movie. Manian’s first choice was Anirudha Ravichander but then Raghavendra did complete justice to the music and went on to produce 8 tracks for the film which became a big hit. Raghavendra along with his band members plans onto reach out to a larger crowd by performing street gigs and other performances .Their last performance was at NH7, in November.