Munishkanth Ramdoss

Other names of Munishkanth Ramdoss: Ramdoss

Munishkanth’s Original name is Ramdoss. He has worked as a Goldsmith for two years. With aspiration of entering into the film industry, Ramdoss came to Chennai in the year 2002. He has worked as a junior artist in many film projects. His first movie was Ethan which released in the year 2011. In the year 2013, Munishkanth got a chance to play a role Masilamani in the feature film Kadal directed by Mani Ratnam.

He was given a role play in the famous hit movie Soodhu Kavvum Click to look into! >> Read More... directed by Nalan Kumarasamy Nalan Kumarasamy is a Kollywood film director, wri >> Read More... . The mystical film Villa 2 had Ramdoss playing his bit part in it. Ramdoss acted in the project Mundasupatti Click to look into! >> Read More... in the year 2014. Making Mundasupatti, a comedy film was made easy by this man's performance. He is now known more as Muniskanth more than Ramdoss.

The film Ram and had a star cast with Actor Vishnu, Nandita, Kaali Venkat, Anandraj,etc., It was after this film, he was popularly known as Munishkanth. He had a role in the movie Jigarthanda directed by Karthik Subburaj. In the year 2014, Ramdoss did a character in the thriller film Megha directed by Karthik Rishi. The film Enakkul Oruvan gave a chance for Ramdoss to play a role in it.

The film got directed by Prasad Ramar and had Actor Siddharth as the hero. A Tamil Science fiction film by name Indru Netru Naalai had a character played by Munishkanth. The film got directed by R.Ravikumar. He played his bit part in the movie Aavi Kumar which was directed by Kandeepan. The famous Vikram movie 10 Endrathukulla 10 Endrathukulla is a film to be watched by Vikram >> Read More... had space for Ramdoss to play a role in it, which was a project done by director Vijay Milton. The project 144 directed by G.Manikandan, had a performance by Ramdoss as Ravivarman. He also did a role in the movie Pasanga 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... in which actor Suriya played the Hero.

The Project got directed by Pandiraj and also had Amala Paul and Bindhu Madhavi in the project. The comedy project Pokkiri Raja also gave a role for Munish Kanth as Munusu which he played well. Ramdoss has done a character in the film Darjeeling-2 directed by Satish Chandrasekhar. Munishkanth has acted in the movie Bruce Lee in the Tamil language which got made in the year 2016. Munishkanth is an optimistic professional who has undergone all kinds of hardships in his career. Continuous efforts to improve have pushed him towards the present level of success today.

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Ramdoss is an admirable actor in the Indian film industry. This hardworking actor is active in the Tamil industry. Ramdoss’sever dying fire to become a distinguished actor has empowered him to reach the top. His story of success is a highly motivating one. In the year 2002, Ramdoss came to Chennai with a high-spirited mind and an unquenchable desire to become a famous actor. But he wasn’t able to achieve this dream to its fullness. He was able to show his face on screen as a junior artiste.

He beat around the bushes being a minor junior artist in several films until he left it all and went to Malaysia. He stayed there for two years, taking up the job of a goldsmith. He was unsuccessful even after the two years of working abroad. He was homeless and his dreams still waiting to be accomplished. Yet, he came back to Chennai with that same fire that he had two years back.

Upon his return to Chennai, he again got stuck with his mediocre post as the junior artiste in many films. But this time, he kept his spirits high. He wasn’t ready to give up yet. And this strong desire was what led him to act in many short films and even in some Naalaya Iyakunar show aired on Kalaignar TV. He was then given the opportunity to star in the original version of the award-winning short film Mundasupatti, directed by Ram.

Ramdoss was seen to do the dubbing work for the character Muniskanth, who like Ramdoss is an actor in pursuit. He undertook this task due to the insistence of his good friend Kaali Venkat. But then again, he didn’t get to do any serious roles in films. He was given the opportunity to appear in Mani Ratnam’s 2013 movie, Kadal. He also got to take part in 'C.V. Kumar' film 'Soodhu Kavvum', which was also released in the year 2013.

The wait was finally over for Ramdoss in the year 2014, when he got the opportunity that he was waiting for. He got a chance at being the lead role in the film version of 'Mundasupatti'. His appearance in the film gained him many appreciations from various critics. There on, he has been starring many movies such as '10 Endrathukulla' and 'Pasanga 2'.

After over 10 years of working on the sidelines of the cinema industry, Ramdoss was finally able to get the roles that he deserved. A strong perseverance to find something that he truly wanted, and got.

Prithvi Rajan Tamil Actor

Prithvi Rajan

Prithvi Rajan is the son of famous Tamil actor and director 'Pandiarajan'. He has an elder brother Pallavarajan and a younger brother Prem Rajan. He debuted in through the movie 'Kaivantha Kalai' in 2006, which was directed by his father. The film received average reviews from critics. His next release was 'Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu', a love story pairing with 'Karthika Adaikalam'. The movie crashed in the box office. His next movie was the same actress directed by Gemini Raghava, Vaidegi. He suffered from injuries in the film 'Padhinettan Kudi Ella Arambam', the film released with very little publicity. He is currently working for the film 'Varatti' along with his brother Varatti' along with his brother Prem Rajan. He has also proved his talents in games. He was part of the Chennai Rhinos in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). He is married to Akshaya Premnath. Akshaya has acted in the box office hit movie 'Ohm Shanthi Oshana' directed by 'Jude Anthany Joseph'. In the film, she plays the role of 'Nazriya Nazim' best buddy Neethu. She was well received for her acting in the film. She is an engineering graduate from Kerala. She is portrayed as a girl who has multiple relationships and can manage it without any problems. The wedding took place on May 9th in a private ceremony. The reception was attended by the super stars of South Indian film industry. In the film Kaivantha Kalai, Prithvi plays Kanan. He along with his father, whose role was played by Manivannan, spent time duping the villagers. He meets a school going Brahmin teenager Kausalya and immediately falls in love with her. Kausalya is played by the actress 'Shruthi'. He is over the moon when he learns from his grandfather that Kausalya is his father’s sister’s daughter. In rural areas of Tamil Nadu, it is very common for people to marry their cousins and it is accepted as a tradition. He becomes even more enthusiastic in marrying her. Even Kausalya falls for Kanan eventually. She asks him to change his crooked ways so that they can get married. He received mixed responses for the films. But it helped to mark his entry into the Tamil Film industry. His latest flick which is to release this year is Vaaimai, directed and written by 'A Senthil Kumar'. The film is based on the English movie 12 Angry Men. Prithvi’s talents are breath taking and he keeps on undertaking projects in with the same passion as ever.


Amzath Khan

Amzath Khan is a young Tamil actor who made his debut in 2010 film Pugaippadam, directed by Rajesh Lingam and he shared screen space with Harish and Priya Anand for his debut film. He got noticed for his second movie, Vallinam, where he was portraying Nakul’s friend Guna. Since then he is a regular actor in Tamil industry portraying supporting roles. Maya 2015 was his last release. Koditta Idangalai Nirapugha, Natpathigaram, and Kanbathu Poi are his upcoming projects in pipelines. Amzath Khan always wanted to be in movies. After completing his MBA (specialized in film marketing) he had a short stint in working in the corporate sector under Sony Pictures and later for a Chennai based Radio station, there he worked as the marketing head. He worked in Mumbai before moving to Chennai to try luck in movies. Following his passion, he joined the theatre company named Stray Factory. With the hope to get a break he worked on the film Pugaippadam (2010). He continued acting in short movies, and he also worked in reality television. He developed good contacts while at Chennai and also involved in the film distribution and branding. After being away from movies for a long time, he gave a successful audition for to portray the role of a basketball player. In 2014 he got a call from Arivazhagan Venkatachalam (following his exposure to short films) for the education for Guna- a basketball player for the movie, Vallium and got through. All the members were given basketball training for six months which delayed the film a little bit. The movie starring Nakul and Mrudhula Basker in lead roles received a positive response from critics. But the movie was average at box office. He played a good role, and he started receiving more films offers from Tamil directors. Apart from film roles, he is also doing event management. Currently, he is working on four films that include: - Rum, Koditta Idangaliai Nirapugha, Kanbathu Poi and Nedunalyaadai.

Amzath Khan Tamil Actor