The movie is about a middle-class boy who struggles very hard to become a successful music director but he has to give up his dreams in front of his family pro

Mugavari Movie Review

Mugavari Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Mugavari"
Runtime: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 19-02-2000
Genre: Romance, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

The movie is about a middle-class boy who struggles very hard to become a successful music director, but he has to give up his dreams in front of his family problems. The movie shows the harsh reality of human beings who are always faced with failure whenever they try to fulfill their ambitions.

Plot: Sridhar ( Ajith Kumar) belongs to a middle-class family, which includes his father (K. Vishwanath), his elder brother Shiva (Raghuvaran), his sister-in-law Shantha (Sitara) and his sister (Prieta). Shiva is the only earning member of the family. Sridhar is very passionate to become a successful music director, and he continues his struggle for eight years. His family always supports him and motivates him on rejections. On accidently meeting with Viji (Jyothika), Sridhar falls in love with her, and she too started loving him. Sridhar’s family agreed to their relationship.

However, Sridhar gets a chance to compose and record the music for a film, but the film stopped due to the producer’s accident. Sridhar asks Viji to marry someone else because he cannot leave his passion for music. He is still unemployed and therefore her father (Jaiganesh) will also not agree to their marriage. Viji’s father offers Sridhar a job, but he refuses. Before Viji’s marriage, he cannot marry her younger daughter. Shiva got a heart attack, and he was advised to take rest. Now Sridhar becomes worried as there was no one left to earn for the family.

Prieta and Shantha decided to make some money, and they started taking tuitions. But no one told Sridhar to leave his dream and get some good job. Seeing all this, Sridhar became emotional about the support he got from his family, so he decided to do a job and left for the interview. After some years, he got married to Viji and also got a break to compose music for the films.

Analysis: The story is a combination of various emotions of a person like the duties, love, goal one has to fulfill to achieve something. The director faced rejections from four producers and then he took the proposal to S. S. Chakravarthy, who agreed finally. The film motivates to get serious about the ambition and try all the methods required to get success. The support from the family is shown very beautifully and unique. Ajith Kumar’s role had the mixed emotions of love, pain, sadness, trust, happiness and he had performed well by mixing them in a good ratio, thereby showing real colors of his acting.

Though the idea behind the film and the story is common, but the way it is presented makes it a powerful and meaningful film. As a debutant director, Durai had a strong story but he failed to present it and the supporting cast lacked the qualities needed to make it a successful one.

Star Performances: The winning performance is done by Ajith and the cinematographer P.C. Sreeram. His cinematography gave the film another beauty and picturized the moments of the hero beautifully. Balakumaran is given the credit for writing the superb dialogues and the script, especially the conversation between Ajith and Jaiganesh related to the marriage of Ajith and Jyothika. Ajith played the role of sad Sridhar brilliantly. Jyothika is also looking cute, and she has proved herself through her acting in this film. Raghuvaran, K. Vishwanath, and Sitara also did impressive roles.

What is there? The director has used his ability very well and made a movie with real–based concept. In future, he is definitely going to show his potential by making many superior stories. The dialogues and the camera-work were better than other Tamil films and provided a different success to it. The bonding between the family members and the supportive nature created many emotional moments, which was the plus point for the film’s success.

What is not there? The music was not good. Deva could have composed some best tunes. The dances and the fights appeared messy somewhere. There were many such moments which failed o gain audience’s attraction. Also, Vivek’s comedy didn’t make people laugh and looked different with the entire flow of the story.

Verdict: People fond of watching family drama, romance, together with some different story must see this film. It is a praiseworthy project by a debutant director.