Thambi is scripted and directed by Jeethu Joseph and this is his second Tamil movie after Papanasam. Thambi has a stunning star cast that includes Jyothika

Thambi Movie Review

Thambi Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Thambi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-12-2019
Genre: Action, Drama
3 / 5.0



Thambi Click to look into! >> Read More... Thambi ” is scripted and directed by Jeethu Joseph Jeethu Joseph is a Malayalam film screenwriter and >> Read More... Jeethu Joseph and this is his second Tamil movie after “ Papanasam Click to look into! >> Read More... Papanasam .” Thambi has a stunning star cast that includes Jyothika Saravanan Jyothika is a highly famous Indian cinema artist. >> Read More... Jyothika Saravanan , Karthik Sivakumar Karthik Sivakumar, or popularly known as Karthi, i >> Read More... Karthik Sivakumar , “ Sathyaraj Sathyaraj is one of the greatest actors of Tamil f >> Read More... Sathyaraj ,” “ Seetha Seetha is a family serial that deals with the life >> Read More... Seetha ,” Sowcar Janaki Sankaramanchi Janaki is an Indian actress hailing >> Read More... Sowcar Janaki , Nikhila Vimal Nikhila Vimal is a Malayalam actress, and a classi >> Read More... Nikhila Vimal , Anson Paul Anson Paul was born on 15 July in the year 1988. H >> Read More... Anson Paul , Harish Peradi, “ Ilavarasu Ilavarasu is the cinematographer turned actor in T >> Read More... Ilavarasu ” and Ammu Abhirami Ammu Abhirami is an Indian actress who has been a >> Read More... Ammu Abhirami . RD Rajasekhar cranked the camera. Govind Vasantha aka Govind Menon Govind Menon is an Indian music composer, singer, >> Read More... Govind Menon composed the tunes.


Saravanan is the younger brother of Parvathi. He is very aggressive. Their father Gnanamoorthy is a politician. Paravathi and Saravanan’s grandmother also resides with their family. In a particular situation, Saravanan runs away from home and everyone misses him. 15 years ran by and Parvathi still hopes that her brother would come back to them one day. Unexpectedly, Gnanamoorthy finds a guy, Vicky and identifies him as his son and brings him back home. Although Parvathy couldn’t accept him as her brother instantly, starts believing him slowly that he is her brother, without confirming his identity. Saravanan’s childhood friend Sanjana is much happy in his return and expresses her love for him and he starts loving her. Now, someone plans to kill Vicky, thinking that he is Saravanan. Who are they? Why did they try to kill Saravanan? Watch the film to know the rest.

Star Performance

Jyothika is fantastic, as usual. She showers affection for her family, especially her brother. Karthi pulled off his role well and quite good in emoting. Sathyaraj could be addressed as the real show-stealer. His performance is fantastic and his varieties of expressions and body language and dialogue delivery are awesome.


The script is neat and the screenplay is good. But, if the screenplay is still tighter, then the movie would have gone to a different level. The characterization is neat and all the stars fit well in the role. Thanks to Sowcar amma, who has no dialogues, but impresses everyone with her facial expressions. Nikhila’s role is not much impressive. Her part should have been written better. Similarly, the film revolves around the relationship between a sister and a brother. But, something is missing in their emotional bonding. If some more scenes had been added between Jyo and Karthi, it would have worked out much better. The music and the visuals are top class.

What’s There?

  • Excellent star cast and neat performance
  • Logic is maintained throughout
  • Good narration

What’s Not There?

  • Some more gripping scenes between Jyo and Karthi could have been better


The emotional family thriller with different characters and varieties of performances is definitely impressive. Thambi is a good film for Karthi, Jyo and Sathyaraj!