Touted to be a horror comedy film Devi which is the production venture of the talented artist Prabhu Deva has been released today With Tamannaah Bhatia and S

Devi Movie Review

Devi Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Devi"
Runtime: 2 Hour 05 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 07-10-2016
3 / 5.0



Touted to be a horror comedy film Devi, which is the production venture of the talented artist Prabhu Deva, has been released today. With Tamannaah Bhatia and Sonu Sood sharing screenspace with Prabhu Deva, let’s see what this movie is all about.


Prabhu Deva is working in Mumbai as an executive and his goal is to get married to an ultramodern and uptown girl. But as against his desire he is pushed to a situation wherein he marries a village belle Tamannaah Bhatia. . After getting married to Tamannaah, Prabhu Deva goes to Mumbai along with her. But he is quite embarrassed and he doesn’t share about his marriage to others and keeps Tamannaah hidden in the flat. After some time Prabhu Deva starts to observe peculiar behavior in Tamannaah and learns that she is possessed by a ghost who is an aspiring actress. What happens next? How does Prabhu Deva handle the situation? Watch the movie Devi to get answer to these questions.

Star Performances

Prabhu Deva is not only a good dancer but also a good actor too. In fact, before directing he was into acting only. He has given an earnest performance and rocks in dancing. Tamaannaah Bhatia is simply amazing in the two roles while Sonu Sood is equally compatible. To be precise, the three stars have done their best to elevate the movie. Amy Jackson, Farah Khan, and Esha Gupta are seen in special roles in the movie.


A L Vijay has directed Devi and it is first endeavor in Hindi, since Devi is released in Hindi as Tutak Tutak Tutiya under the banner of Sonu Sood. It is released in Telugu as Abhinetri. A L Vijay and Hollywood writer Paul Aaron have written the script of the movie.

What’s there?

  • The narration of the movie is excellent.
  • The movie has a balanced dosage of horror and comedy.
  • Choreography for a couple of songs is commendable.
  • Sajid-Wajid have given some foot-tapping numbers.

What’s not there?

  • The plot is quite old.
  • The production values could have been good.


Devi is a comedy film in a light vein with some horror concept laced in it. You can watch it once.