As the name suggests ldquo Appa rdquo is a story of a father and his expectations to bring a change in the society He also has many expectations from his so

Appa Movie Review

Appa Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Appa"
Runtime: 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 01-07-2016
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



As the name suggests “ Appa,” is a story of a father and his expectations to bring a change in the society. He also has many expectations from his son and wants to make him just like him. There are three fathers in the flick and their expectations from their lads. The movie tries to show the father-son relationship. The picture tries to show that how these three daddies want to inspire others and want to become doting fathers.

Plot There are three dads, Dayalan, Singaperumal, and Nadunilaiyan. All the three have different notions of the society. The story reveals the problem arises when all the three got a son. They want to make their sons just like them, but their wives oppose them in their decision. But what happens is the opposite of what they were expecting. As the three children grew old, they pursued with the careers they liked. All these three lads are friends and out of them, two falls for girls which they happen to meet in different situations. Dayalan has a good bonding with all the three lads and the two girls, but Singaperumal and Nadunilaiyan realize their mistake and pay for their deeds.

Analysis The movie is directed by Samuthirani, who is a famous actor. After trying his hand with acting, he started to work as a director. After his effective direction, Nimirndhu Nil, he directs Appa. As his last directorial this film also deals with social issues and problems. He reveals the problems related to parentage and how the solutions of these problems. He displays how children’s future and aspirations are crushed down due to the marks and the grades. Students run in a race to get highest marks but do not aim in actual learn the subject.

Star Performances Acting done by all the actors is terrific and adds a charm to the flick. The role of Dayalan was hard to play but is played by Samuthirakani wonderfully. Ramaiah puts up a remarkable performance and Nasath is the one who holds the audience to their seats. Other actors in the picture help in completing the plot.

What’s there?

1. The storyline of the flick is new and reveals the father-son relationship.

2. It deals with the social problems and how they work against the social norms.

3. The movie has many heart-melting scenes and is a thought-provoking film.

What’s not there?

1. The music given by Ilaiyaraaja does not contribute to the flick much.

2. Although Samuthirakani shines as an actor but is not his best character.

Verdict Though the movie does not have a good narration, but it deals with the problems of the education system. It tries to display a society where people are becoming successful at the cost of their happiness. Appa is a thought-provoking picture and can be seen once.