There are movies that are typically aimed at serving the commercial elements nbsp But Thangar Bachan is different from the commercial movie directors and pu

Azhagi Movie Review

Azhagi Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Azhagi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-01-2002
Genre: Romance, Drama
4 / 5.0

There are movies that are typically aimed at serving the commercial elements. But, Thangar Bachan Thangar Bachan was born on 1962 in the Pathirakott >> Read More... is different from the commercial movie directors, and puts plenty of efforts and soul into his movies. There are rib-tickling scenes in his movies, and also scenes that make your eyes well up with tears. The movie Azhagi sticks to its meaning and is a beautiful one to watch time and again.


Parthiepan does a veterinary doctor in the movie. He had been engaged in a secret love affair with Nandita Das Nandita Das is an actress and director extremely p >> Read More... . As the twist could have it, Parthiepan moves out of the village, and Nandita Das is married to another person against her wishes. The character of her husband was done by Shivaji Shinde. As yet another twist in the movie, Parthiepan is married to Devayani. Time goes on, and Nandita Das is a bereaved widow now, struggling to make the ends meet. She is spotted by Parthiepan in a public place. Understanding her plight, Parthipan hires her as his servant maid. There is a conflict smoldering inside Parthipan as his old love for Nandita resurfaces.

Star Performances

Parthiepan does the role of a man torn between love for ex-lover and wife. He has done it very realistically. Nandita Das has portrayed the role of a woman with no fortune crossing her way. She gives the disturbed look in a very fine manner. Devayani has delivered her part neatly.


The plot is not too complex to understand.  It has been woven simply and the story has a tinge of maturity in it. Performances by artists in the movie are simply wonderful.  But, there are commercial elements in the movie which make it appear drab in some places.  The humorous vein in the movie handled by Vivek seems bit too much.  The flashback seems exaggerated and lengthy

What is there?

Delivery by all the artistes in the movie is near perfect.

Songs are great with music by Ilayaraja. 

The movie sticks to the expectations of wider amount of audiences. 

What is not there?

The comedy track seems to have been inserted randomly into the movie,

There are few unnecessary ingredients, and if it were not for those, the movie is worth a watch.

The flashback appears long and drab. 


The movie is a relief and like a fresh breeze of air in otherwise overstuffed commercial Tamil cine field.