Muni is a 2007 Tamil film directed and written by Raghava Lawrence He is also in the lead role in the film Saran has produced it under the banner of Gemini pr

Muni Movie Review

Muni Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Muni"
Runtime: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-03-2007
2.5 / 5.0

Muni is a 2007 Tamil film directed and written by Raghava Lawrence. He is also in the lead role in the film. Saran has produced it under the banner of Gemini production, and Bharathwaj has given music.


Ganesh has a big fear of ghosts. He is so afraid of them that he prefers to stay inside the home after dusk. Due to some reasons, his manager transfers him to a village in Kerala. He moves into a haunted house with his family without knowing that the house is haunted. The house is haunted by Muniyaanandi a.k.a. Muni's spirit. After shifting into the new house, Ganesh starts acting weirdly. Scared by his strange behavior, his wife seeks the help of a priest. The priest after investigating tells her that Muni has captured Ganesh's body and is seeking something. The priest on contacting the spirit gets to know that Muni used to work with Dhandapani, MLA of the area. Muni tells the priest that Dhandapani cheated him and killed him and his daughter and faked his story of death in front of the villagers. The story takes many twists and turns revealing the reality of Dhandapani. How Muni manages, to tell the truth to the villagers? What happens after the villagers get to know the truth? Will Ganesh be forever captured by Muni? To know the answer to these questions, go and watch the movie.


Muni is an entertaining film. It entertains you with the pieces of comedy, action, drama but at the same time tests you with the boring story. Lawrence has failed terribly to present a fresh movie to the audience. The movie seems to be copied from several other movies. Lawrence has mixed all these elements to add masala to the film. Surprisingly, he succeeded too in making Muni a masala entertainer.

Star performances-

Lawrence has multi-tasked in this movie and has failed terribly in presenting himself. He has tried to copy Rajnikanth as Muni and irritated the audience. Vedhicka had a small role and looked like glamor doll. Bharathwaj has however impressed with his music. K.V. Guhan has captured some amazing visuals which scare the hell out of the audience. The rest of the crew has delivered an average performance.

What's there-

The movie has masala entertainment though it seems copied from several movies. Some sequences will scare you to the core.

What's not there-

Lawrence failed to give an original story to the audience. The cinematography and editing have loopholes and shouldn't be talked about here. Also, the movie seems draggy most of the time.


The movie seems interesting and entertaining, but you will find it boring while watching. From our side, it can be skipped this weekend.