Adithya Varma is directed by Gireesaaya. It is the official remake of Arjun Reddy. Dhruv Vikram plays the lead. Banita Sandhu, Anbu Thasan, Priya Anand, Raja

Adithya Varma Movie Review

Adithya Varma Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Adithya Varma"
Runtime: 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 22-11-2019
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Adithya Varma Click to look into! >> Read More... Adithya Varma is directed by “ Gireesaaya Gireesaaya is an Indian-Director. He primarily wor >> Read More... Gireesaaya .” It is the official remake of Arjun Reddy Click to look into! >> Read More... Arjun Reddy . Dhruv Vikram Indians have always been curious about the childre >> Read More... Dhruv Vikram plays the lead. Banita Sandhu Banita Sandu was born in the year 1988 and was bro >> Read More... Banita Sandhu , Anbu Thasan Anbu Thasan is an actor in the Indian film industr >> Read More... Anbu Thasan , Priya Anand Priya Anand is a popular Tamil actress who has app >> Read More... Priya Anand , Raja and Leela Samson Leela Samson is an Indian classical dancer, author >> Read More... Leela Samson are in the cast. “ Radhan Radhan is an Indian Film Music Composer. He works >> Read More... Radhan ” composed the music and the cinematography is by “ Ravi K Chandran Ravi K Chandran is an ace Indian cinematographer. >> Read More... Ravi K Chandran .”


Adithya Varma is a medical college student. He is a short-tempered guy. He falls for his junior Mira at first sight. Even without knowing if she loves him, he takes all the rights from her. When she was harassed by another college student, he gives them tightly and at that moment Mira starts loving him. Later they become very closer and Mira’s family comes to know about their relationship. To avoid Adithya Varma, Mira’s family arranges a marriage for her. Adithya Varma goes to her house and asks her to come with him. As Mira didn’t go with him, he moves away angrily and becomes a drug addict and his character gets more intense. What happened to their love? Watch the rest in theatres.

Star Performance

Dhruv Vikram as Adithya Varma has satisfied the expectations forced on him. Anbu Thasan has done his role perfectly as a good friend. Banita Sandhu did justice to her role and Priya Anand did a perfect cameo. Raja, Leela Samson and the rest of the stars did what is expected from them.


Gireesaaya, the former associate of Sandeep Vanga Sandeep Vanga is an Indian director, writer, actor >> Read More... Sandeep Vanga had done justice to the original. He has remade the movie as it is and had not added any extra elements. The characters are perfectly depicted and the star selection is excellent. Radhan’s music is neat and cinematography by Ravi K Chandran is fantastic. Although it is a performance-oriented movie, if a person like Adithya Varma exists, none will celebrate him for sure. Such a bad-tempered guy! The climax scene is good. Banita’s performance impresses in the climax.

What's There?

  • Performance of the stars is good
  • The cinematography and music are impressive

What's Not There?

  • It’s a complete remake and people who watched Arjun Reddy will narrate the next scenes


The film will impress the youngsters with the romantic sequences.