Plot: 36 Vayadhinile is a good comeback movie for Jyothika. Surya, the producer has selected a good story for the re-entry of his wife. It is a perfectly stitch

36 Vayadhinile Movie Review

36 Vayadhinile Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " 36 Vayadhinile "
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 15-05-2015
Genre: Drama, Family
3.6 / 5.0

Plot: 36 Vayadhinile is a good comeback movie for Jyothika. Surya, the producer has selected a good story for the re-entry of his wife. It is a perfectly stitched story for Jyothika, who enters the film industry after eight years.

This movie is a remake of How Old Are You in Malayalam, performed by Manju warrier and directed by Roshan Andrews. Roshan is the director of the Tamil version too. How Old Are You was the re-entry movie for Manju Warrier Manju Warrier is a South-Indian film actress, born >> Read More... Manju Warrier too. 36 Vayadhinile tells the story of the government employee Vasanthi and her family. Vasanthi, works in a government office and her husband Tamil Selvan Tamil Selvan is an Indian fashion designer who is >> Read More... Tamil Selvan is a RJ. They have a daughter Mithila, who is an excellent studious girl, who has lots of dreams about her future.

Rahman performs the role of Tamil Selvan. They have plans to move to Ireland for the studies and Tamil Selvan has also got the job. But Vasanthi was denied to get Visa, as she is 36 years. In the meantime, Tamil Selvan made a small accident, which makes a question mark on his trip to Ireland. So, he decided to move the case in the name of Vasanthi and she too agrees it. President of India visits the school of Mithila and Mithila asks a question to the President and it was selected as the best question. When Mithila wanted to tell this to her mother, she comes to know about the denial of Visa and she angrily leaves the place. This is the place where the story gets interesting. Without knowing the question, Vasanthi was asked to meet the President. At her meeting with the President she falls down before the president, as she became nervous.

This story spread throughout and she was made fun by many including her own daughter and husband. How Vasanthi overcomes the situation after her husband and daughter moves to Ireland is the rest of the story.As we all know Jyothika is a talented actress with cute expressions. Rahman did his part well and Amrita too.

36 Vayadhinile makes the middle-aged women gain lots of hope that they are not dependants and they can survive in this world with self respect. Vasanthi character is designed in such a way to show that no one in this world is perfect and similarly there is a great character inside everyone to uplift themselves.

Abhiramy also made her special appearance in this film 36 Vayadhinile as Jyotika’s friend. Her character motivates and brings back the lost confidence of Jyo. There are many stars in this movie like Deva Darshini, Kalaranjani, Delhi Ganesh Delhi Ganesh is one of the veteran Tamil actors, b >> Read More... Delhi Ganesh , Prem Kumar Prem Kumar is an Indian actor working in Kannada f >> Read More... Prem Kumar , M.S. Baskar and Nassar.

36 Vayadhinile is a good family story with the motivational thoughts to the middle aged women.