'Sanjay Bharathi' is an actor currently working in the Tamil Film Industry. His father is the well-known Tamil film director and actor ‘ Santhana Bharathi’. Sanjay made his debut in the year 2012 in the film “Naanga” as Chandran. Since then, he has gone on to appear in four other movies and is currently in the process of filming a movie that is slated for a release later this year.

His debut film Naanga featured an ensemble cast. Like him, the many other members of the cast were also children of noted Tamil film personalities. The film, which revolves around a group of college friends who meet up again in the year 2011, was met with mixed reviews; some found the film pretty good whilst one review went on to call it an “honest failure”. He followed up his debut with a supporting role in the movie “Puthugam”, released in 2013. Alongside a plethora of supporting actors and with actor ‘ Sathya’ playing the lead role, the movie was met with a lukewarm reception from critics, with some lamenting the fact that the film wasn’t well-made but instead settled into an all too familiar trope of themes.

Sanjay Bharati’s next venture also released in 2013, this time, he starred in a comedy drama film titled “ Jannal Oram”. The movie was a remake of the Malayalam film “ Ordinary”. However, it once again didn’t get too many good reviews from the critics, with some believing it to be decent at best whilst many lambasted it entirely. He finally got some positive critical reviews in his next film titled “ Jeeva” that was released in 2014. The film centers on an aspiring cricketer who works hard to fulfill his dream of playing for the Indian cricket team, despite certain obvious apprehensions from his family. Bharati played the role of a DCA cricketer in this movie.

His next role was also a supporting one in the Tamil supernatural film titled “Masss Engira Masilamani” which starred ‘ Suriya Sivakumar’ and ‘Nayantara’ in the leads. This movie hit the theaters in 2015. In the movie, Sanjay portrayed the character of a ghost. This movie was a hit both critically and commercially and did decent business even outside of India thanks to a distribution deal that was inked with Eros International. His next movie is titled “ Kootathil Oruthan”, a college love story. He will once again be featured in a supporting role in this film that will be released later in 2016.

Krishnakumar Balasubramanian Tamil Actor

Krishnakumar Balasubramanian

Krishnakumar Balasubramanian or the ‘Theatre Technocrat’ as the India Today magazine rightfully calls him is Telugu film and theater actor. A Jack-of-all-trades, he is most popularly known as the artistic director of the Chennai-based The Little Theatre. As the name suggests, it is a theater where all performances directed by Balasubramanian are held. Apart from direction, he has scripted many plays for his “little theater” namely, Gapsaa-Fully Loaded (2012), two musical Atita, and the some Christmas pantomimes as well such as The Free Musketeers (2012) and Alice in iLand (2011). The Little Theatre also initiated the Home production of the Little Festival so as to bring high-end national and international theater productions to their city. The Little Theatre’s performances, which he directs as the Annual fundraiser, have a cast of approximately 90 children and adults. These annual fundraisers are held to raise money to provide some one hundred underprivileged children with quality education in the form of scholarships. Balasubramanian works extensively with school going kids and aims to help them channel and develop their creativity and potential. He had the leading role in the Prakash Raj starrer Kadhalagi, which was released in May 2010. This role made him a popular face and solidified his place in the film industry. The 27-year-old has at least six commercially and critically acclaimed successful productions to his credit as a scriptwriter and a director. In addition to this, he had numerous commendable performances as an actor. On the international front, he is one of the members of the Global Shapers Community, which was an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Also, being a part of the WEF and a TEDx speaker, he was one of the panelists on India in 2012 with Ulhas Yargop, president of the IT sector of Mahindra & Mahindra and Sarah Brown. He also made it to the India Today list of 37 Indians of Tomorrow, which included heavyweights like Virat Kohli and Ranbir Kapoor. He is passionate about animals and a fitness enthusiast. As an animal lover, he is an active participant in Animal Welfare and Rescue. Also, being a fitness and sports enthusiast, he is trained in martial arts and was a national level swimmer.


M. G. Chakrapani

Marudur Gopala Chakrapani was born on January 13, 1911. He is popularly known as Yettan or M.G. Chakrapani. He was born in Kerala (earlier known as the Kingdom of Cochin) in Vadavannur. Gopala Menon and Sathyabhama were his parents. His father was a Judge in Kandy. They first called him as Neelakantan. But due to his father’s spiritual beliefs, they changed as Chakrapani. Chakrapani’s family shifted to Ceylon after he was born. In Ceylon his younger brother M.G. Ramachandran and his younger sister were born. His father died early. His sister also died in Ceylon. So, his mother Sathyabama moved to Kumbakonam to be near her brother. Chakrapani went to Yanaiadi school but dropped at seventh grade. Sathyabama then joined both in MOBC (Madurai Original Boys Company). It was a Professional Tamil Theatre Company. Chakrapani did not shine there but Ramachandran created success. In 1936 Chakrapani acted in his first Tamil film IruSahodarargal. He then acted in the films TamizhariyumPerumal and Maya Machindra. He was identified as a character actor. In 1944 he acted in the film Mahamaya which was a quantum leap in his career. He played the role of Neelan in that film. The character was designed after Kautilya, The Indian Philosopher. But the movie Mahamaya was a huge loss. But Chakrapani’s acting was spoken by everyone. After a gap of 15 years, he then acted a powerful role in the film ThaaiMagalukuKattiyaThaali. He played the role of an antagonist in the film. That was a big success for Chakrapani. Later he transformed into a director from an actor. He also became a producer and looked after his brother’s progress. He worked in a lot of projects with his brother M.G. Ramachandran. But they weren’t successful and everything turned a failure. Bhavani is a film in this category. It was directed by Masthan and written by A.K. Velan. M.G. Ramachandran played the lead role and Chakrapani was the producer. After many years Chakrapani directed the film ArasaKattalai. It was a huge hit. Chakrapani has acted in a lot of films. He acted as a minister in Raja Mukthi and as a Tribal Chief in Ponmudi. He enacted as M.G. R’s uncle in EnThangai. He was featured in the role of a Police Inspector in Malaikallan. He played as Nawab of Arcot in Raja Desingu. He was also starred as M.G. R’s father in IdhayaVeenai.  His other films include Sri Murugan, VanaSundari, Naama, Kalyani, NaalaiNamadhe, NetruIndruNaalai and lots more. Chakrapani died at the age of 75 on August 17, 1986. He was living with Meenakshi Chakrapani, his second wife at his death. He had ten children which include three daughters and seven sons.

M. G. Chakrapani Tamil Actor