Rajesh Pillai had made a name for himself through films like Traffic. Now he has come up with Vettah, which is a thriller. Let s see what this movie has in stor

Vettah Movie Review

Vettah Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
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Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-02-2016
Genre: Thriller, Drama
3 / 5.0

Rajesh Pillai Rajesh Pillai is a Mollywood filmmaker who made hi >> Read More... Rajesh Pillai had made a name for himself through films like Traffic. Now he has come up with Vettah, which is a thriller. Let’s see what this movie has in store for us.


Manju Warrier Manju Warrier is a South-Indian film actress, born >> Read More... Manju Warrier is assigned the role of a City Police Commissioner, who reveres her dad. As caring and empathetic she is in her real life, she is of the no-nonsense type as far as her career is concerned.

Manju bounces upon a case wherein Sanusha, who plays an actress in the film, goes missing. Kunchacko Boban Kunchacko Boban is a handsome young guy who got in >> Read More... Kunchacko Boban is the main suspect here. Manju handles the case with the help of Indrajith; who is her colleague. How does Manju handle the case? What hindrances the does the case cause to her personal life? Watch the movie to get the answers.

Star Performances

This is the first attempt of Manju Warrier in donning the role of police. She is seen in Khaki and lovely salwars and make her presence felt, as a loving mother and an able daughter. Indrajith pulls off his character with great ease while Kunchacko Boban has given an outstanding performance. Vijayaraghavan has yet again shown that he is a talented actor while Kadhal Sandhya has delivered a matured performance.


Rajesh Pillai, who has helmed direction for the critically acclaimed but box office disaster Mili, has come out with a psychological thriller this time. And we should surely appreciate him for coming out with a neat thriller this time. Rajesh is collaborating with Kunchacko Boban for the third time. Rajesh has executed the movie well, thanks to the good script written by Arunlal Ramachandran Arunlal Ramachandran is a screenwriter in the Indi >> Read More... Arunlal Ramachandran .

Vettah also deals with some social concerns while developing as a crime film. 

What’s there?

What’s not there?

The movie takes its own time in unraveling things. 


If you are game for a psychological thriller, then Vettah is a one-time watch, thanks to the good script.