39 Chandrettan Evideya 39 is a film which is a slight change from all the previous comedy movies of Dileep This movie has a composed and unique family rela

Chandrettan Evideya Movie Review

Chandrettan Evideya Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Chandrettan Evideya"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-05-2015
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



' Chandrettan Evideya' is a film which is a slight change from all the previous comedy movies of Dileep. This movie has a composed and unique family related plot, which is directed by Director Sidharth Bharathan's. This movie is perhaps well intentioned and refreshing.

Plot: Chandramohan (Dileep) is a government servant working in the secretariat at Thiruvananthapuram. He also reviews classical dance performances. His wife Sushma (Anusree) is also with the government in Thrissur. Both of them live away from each other as they don’t get a transfer to the same place, they wish to live. Sushma is very possessive about her husband and longs to stay with him. Things get interesting when the family goes for a trip to Thanjavur and visit an astrologer. He discloses that Chandramohan had an intense affair with women, in his past life, and that there is a possibility of him meeting and uniting with her in this era.

Hearing these sayings of the astrologer disturbs Sushma, although Chandramohan stays unhindered. Then enters doctor Geetanjali (Namita Pramod), who suddenly starts sharing a close relationship with Chandramohan. Sushma then suspects her husband’s weird behavior and finds out about Geetanjali. Will Chandramohan fall for his centuries-old love or continue to stay with his family? Watch this movie to know what happens.

Analysis: 'Chandrettan Evideya' has a specialty that it has various ways to be viewed. With a pinch of the modern touch, this movie’s direction is such that it doesn’t give you enough time to think. The storyline is rather simple and revolves around the typical middle-class values.

Santhosh Echikkanam has written a satisfying script with enjoyable scenes and carefully chosen characters who deliver the story in a rather impressive manner. Sidharth Bharathan has directed this movie well and has successfully provided this film with his trademark. Shyju Khaled and Prashanth Pillai have done a commendable job with the visuals and music, respectively.

Star performances: 'Chandrettan Evideya' belongs to Anusree, who clearly shows, with her effortless acting that she’s a tremendous actor. In fact, all the other performers in this movie seem pale in comparison with her, and she totally steals the mainstream climax with her perfect acting and makes it seem different from the cliché.

Dileep too conveys a credible role as Chandrettan, while Namitha is suitably cast in the movie as well. It's the return of Dileep in a meaningful film after a long time, and he has shown his true acting skills. He has given a mature performance and clubbed it well with his usual humor.

What’s there?

1) Commendable acting by the entire cast.

2) Direction and storyline are pretty smooth.

What’s not there?

1) Screenplay and visuals could have blended much better.

2) There is an unstable shift between the past and present roles of Chandramohan.

Verdict: In all, this dramatic movie can be watched once for it is a simple family movie.