Right Yaaa Wrong a 2010 released drama which is based on friendship and rivalry was directed and produced by Neeraj Pathak under the banner of Ikkon Pictures

Right Yaaa Wrong Movie Review

Right Yaaa Wrong Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Right Yaaa Wrong"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-03-2010
Genre: Action
3 / 5.0

Right Yaaa Wrong, a 2010 released drama, which is based on friendship and rivalry was directed and produced by Neeraj Pathak under the banner of Ikkon Pictures Ltd and features Sunny Deol and Irrfan Khan in lead roles with Konkana Sen Sharma and Aryan Vaid in supporting roles. EeshaKoppikar plays the role of Sunny Deol’s wife. The music was composed by Monty Sharma and edited by AshfaqueMakrani. Right Yaa Wrong was released on 12th March 2010 to mixed reviews. The movie was released only in Hindi all over India. The movie grabbed attention for a similar story line from a Hollywood movie Above Suspicion.


Sunny Deol, in the twilight of his career, bagged the lead role in this project and plays the role of an Assistant Commissioner of Police – Ajay Shridhar. Vinay Patnaik, played by Irrfan Khan, is also a lead character. Right Yaa Wrongis precisely picturised, highlighting the aspects of friendship and rivalry. Konkana Sen Sharma plays, Radhika, the sister of Vinay Patnaik, a lawyer by profession. EeshaKoppikar plays Anshu, Ajay’s wife. She is suspiciously killed, and her husband is one of the suspects. The movie was predicted to fail as its release collided with the third season of the Indian Premier League but it was surprisingly the hit of the year.


The film revolves around two police officer friends who find themselves in a fight for supremacy and power. The two, Ajay and Vinay, are best friends but ego creates a rift in their friendship. Ajay’s wife, Anshu is killed and the case is handed to Vinay Patnaik for the investigation. Vinay chooses his job over friendship and puts Ajay as a prime suspect. However, Radhika Patnaik, a lawyer by profession is on Ajay’s side. She believes he is innocent and is Ajay’s only support. Vinay is pitted against his sister to prove Ajay guilty. Vinay is never able to match the intelligence of Ajay as Ajay has an answer to all of his questions. During the investigation, Vinay finds a number of secrets which point towards Ajay. It is revealed later on that Ajay finds out about an affair that his wife has with a man called Arjun. Arjun and Anshu were planning on killing Ajay and when he found out about the plan, he is devastated and kills them first. Vinay fails to prove Ajay guilty in the court. He thinks he made a mistake and pleads to Ajay for forgiveness but Ajay is truthful to him this time and confesses his crime. He does not surrender because of the fate of his eight year old son and Vinay lets him go. This story reveals the nature of friendships and how the two later again become loyal to each other. Sunny Deol has done something different, in this movie, from his previous roles. His role as the villain is filled with confidence.


The story is interesting as it conveys two sides – both of which are right in their own ways. You might get bored watching this as it runs for 2 hours and ten minutes but if you wish to kill time, this movie will do the job.