Monica revolves around a small-town girl who aspires big Monica Divya Dutta moves to the bustling city with hopes of becoming a Journalist As soon as her c

Monica Movie Review

Monica Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Monica"
Runtime: 2 Hours 00 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 25-03-2011
3.25 / 5.0



Monica revolves around a small-town girl who aspires big. Monica ( Divya Dutta) moves to the bustling city, with hopes of becoming a Journalist. As soon as her career starts taking shape, her life is taken for a toss as a politician cum industrialist, is charged with killing her. The movie has taken the lead from a real life incident.


The movie begins, with an inspiring note, A small town girl -Monica Jaitelu (Divya Dutta) with dreams to become a famous Journalist moves to a city to follow her dreams and create the path.

Monica, having a not-so-happy past, has been sexually and mentally abused in her childhood. She falls in love with a journalist Raj Jaitley (Rajit Kapoor). While having faced marriage issues, she becomes a journalist herself and reaches heights. While her career is at peak, she falls in the ugly sections of political dilemmas which later leads her to be killed. Who does that to her? Her ex-husband or someone else? Find out who is accused of being responsible for Monica's sad death.

Star performances

Certain characters could have played the roles better, and the direction could have been a little more amusing.


 With a real incident inspired story line, the movie at times fails to put up with the theme and leaves the ends on a very confusing note. There is a very quick shift in the scenes and the structure of the movie. At times, the dialogue construction also holds both a positive and negative feedback. 

What's there?

•    A very good positive character hold. 
•    How a small town girl, aspires to become something of her dreams is something inspiring.

What's not there?

•    Not the morning show kind of movie. It is an intense movie.
•    Music is faulty.
•    No great songs.
•    Bad dialogues at times. No sync.


A tad intense movie.