Serial Actress Lauds Thala!

2018-01-19 16:25

Serial Actress Lauds Thala!
Dr Sharmila, who has been playing in the TV serials including “ Valli,” had worked with Ajith Kumar in “ Citizen.” During the shooting of the film, a person in the set had met an accident. As a doctor, Sharmila gave him first aid and sent him to the hospital. At that time Ajith was not there. After coming to the shoot in the evening, Ajith heard about the incident. He was said that Dr Sharmila treated the person and sent him to the hospital. At once, he called her through phone and inquired about the person, who got injured. Sharmila says that it was 10: 30 Pm. Although the injured person is not a star, Ajith treats everyone equally and that is his real character, lauds Sharmila. None of the leading heroes would be like Thala, says Sharmila with goosebumps. Meanwhile, Ajith is getting ready for his next film with “ Siva,” titled “ Viswasam.”


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