Allu Arjun And Vedhika Post About Indian 2 Accident!

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Allu Arjun And Vedhika Post About Indian 2 Accident!

“Indian 2” is the upcoming multilingual movie directed by “ S Shankar S Shankar is one among the populous directors who >> Read More... S Shankar .” When the shooting was going at a brisk pace, a huge crane with tons of weight collapsed and took away the lives of three people. The rest of the people, who got severe injuries are admitted to the hospital and are getting treatment. This incident shocked the entire nation.

Allu Arjun The actor was born to producer Allu Arvind and Nir >> Read More... Allu Arjun posted, “Just heard the shocking news. Dreadful & Heart breaking news. Condolences to the Family members & dear ones. RIP #Indian2Accident.”

" Vedhika Vedhika Kumar is a Kannadiga from the Maharashtra >> Read More... Vedhika " posted, “Heartbreaking to hear about the incident on the sets of “Indian 2.” Praying for the deceased souls & May the injured members have a speedy recovery. Contrary to what many outsiders believe, acting in films is not glamorous. There is a lot of risks stuntmen, lightmen, actors and entire cast and crew take while shooting certain sequences and literally put their lives at stake. I have watched unfortunate accidents happen on my sets and also been part of an accident. Hoping safety rules and regulations will be followed even more stringently during shoots.”

Indhuja Indhuja was born on 1st August 1994 in Vellore. GA >> Read More... Indhuja ” posted, “Heartbreaking to hear the tragic demise of our technicians! Cinema is just entertainment for audience but it’s way too risky is the fact that we lost our 3 own people Krishna,Madhu& Chandran. Deepest condolences and prayers to their family members. May their soul rest in peace. #Indian2 #Indian2Accident #tragedy #HeartBreaking #Needtobeextremelycareful.”

SJ Surya posted, “Heart felt condolences..... didn’t know what else to say ..... Y God ??????”