After Dhanush, It Is Vijay Vasanth!

2018-06-24 14:20

After Dhanush, It Is Vijay Vasanth!
Yesterday, we heard about “ Dhanush” hurt his legs and arms in the shooting. But, the actor cleared that nothing serious and he is ready to shoot. Today, we hear that Vijay Vasanth injured his legs at the shooting. While shooting an action sequence in the film My Dear Lisa in Ooty, Vijay Vasanth’s leg got stuck in a hole and he lost his balance and fell. He could not get up and so, the team took him to the hospital immediately and there the doctors said that his leg is fractured. Vijay Vasanth couldn’t attend the shooting now and the shooting had been postponed for a month. At present, he had been taking rest at his home in Chennai. My Dear Lisa directed by Ranjan has the star cast of Lisa, “ Mayilsamy” and Lollu Sabha fame “ Swaminathan.” Get well soon, Vijay Vasanth!


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