Top 10 Tamil Films That Celebrate Friendship

Top 10 Tamil Films That Celebrate Friendship Tamil Article

1. 5 Star

5 Star follows the lives of 5 friends from college and later through their love, marriage and more. A tale of love, betrayal, pain, parental pressures and other pressing issues, what sets this film apart is how the friends stick together and provide moral support while each goes through various phases in their lives.

2. 'Saroja'


A comedy about four friends and the road trip that they take, this film, revolves around the various twists and turns they encounter during this trip that starts out as just another fun and innocent trip.

3. Boss Engira Bhaskaran


Boss Engira Bhaskaran is a hilarious comedy that keeps you in splits. Though the romance between Nayanthara and Arya’s characters is what drives the film, personally it is the potent combination of Arya and Santhanam and the comic take on their friendship that forms the crux.

4. ' Friends A journey of six friends, living with each other i >> Read More... Friends '


Friends is another film that celebrates friendship at its truest form. Aravindhan, Chandru, and Krishnamurthy are childhood friends who value their friendship above all else, so much so that Chandru even rejects Aravindhan’s sister’s advances despite his obvious love for her. Interspersed with dollops of comedy, drama, and heart-rending emotions this film is an ode to friends and friendships.

5. Kadhal Desam

Kadhal Desam is the tale of two friends and their strong friendship and whether it can stand the strains of having a girl come between them.

6. ' Naadodigal Click to look into! >> Read More... Naadodigal '


Karunakaran, Pandi, and Chandran are three friends who live a lazy but happy life. Everything goes well in their happy-go –lucky lives until their childhood friend re-enters their lives requesting them to help him unite with his love. The struggles that the trio endures bringing together the love birds, and what they lose as a consequence forms the rest of the tale.

7. Ullam ketkume


Ullam Ketkume boasts a stellar cast with Arya, Shyam, Asin, Pooja, and Laila. It follows them through college, college festivals, cricket tournaments, love, family troubles, etc. A beautiful film, it will make you yearn for a gang of friends just like theirs to make the college experience so much more exciting!

8. Chennai 28


This film revolves around a cricket team Sharks and their rivalry with the cricket team Royapuram Rockers. When a member of the Royapuram Rockers moves to the Sharks team area, what follows is the bond that forms between him and the team after his previous team rejects him and his friendship. At the time of its release, Chennai-28 managed to capture the imaginations of youngsters across the state.

9. Priyamana Thozhi Priyamana Thozhi started on 19th January 2015. Jay >> Read More... Priyamana Thozhi


Priyamana Thozhi showcases the friendship between a girl and a boy and how it never weakens even when their respective spouses enter their lives. It also portrays a friendship that stands all odds in a society that frowns upon friendship between two people of the opposite sex.

10. ' Snegithiye Snegithiye is yet another Tamil dubbed fabulous sh >> Read More... Snegithiye '

Easily one of my favorites, Snegithiye is a thriller that follows the lives of Vani and Radhika two close friends and how their attempts to thwart Radhika’s arranged marriage go awry.