Top 10 South Indian Voice Actors

Top 10 South Indian Voice Actors  Tamil Article


' K P A C Lalitha K.P.A.C Lalitha is known for her character Mayavat >> Read More... K P A C Lalitha ' is the stage name of Maheshwari Amma. Lalitha is an Indian film and stage actress in the Malayalam industry. She is the chair-person of Kerala Sangita Nadaka Academy. She has dubbed in several Malayalam movies and has also acted in a lot of Malayalam and Tamil films. She has completed almost five decades in Mollywood.



Angel Shijoy Angel Shijoy is an Indian voice-over artist who ha >> Read More... Angel Shijoy is a voice actress, and her voice is mostly used in the Malayalam film industry and advertising. She started her career when she was young. Her voice was first used in television advertisements before her movie career. In 2015 Angel won the Kerala state film award for the best dubbing artist.




Deepa Venkat Deepa Venkat is a Tamil film and a TV actress who >> Read More... Deepa Venkat is not only a Tamil film and television actress, but she is also popularly known for lending her voice to lead actresses. She has won the Norway Tamil film festival award for the best dubbing artist for Mayakkam Enna Click to look into! >> Read More... Mayakkam Enna . She has done dubbing for many movies such as Appu, Kolamavu Kokila, Aramm, Deivathirumagal and many more.



' Devi S Devi S. is a well-known Malayalam film actress and >> Read More... Devi S ' is an actress and dubbing artist in Malayalam films and ads. She got her fame through the main character Kunjipengal. She has dubbed for almost five-hundred films and acted in more than twenty-five films. She has dubbed mostly for the leading actress in Malayalam Television. Devi received a national film award in 2014.

5. Rizabawa Rizabawa is a Malayalam movie actor who was born o >> Read More... Rizabawa


"Rizabawa" was born in Kochi, Kerala. He is popular for his role, John Honai Click to look into! >> Read More... John Honai in the film In Harihar Nagar Click to look into! >> Read More... In Harihar Nagar . He is one of the best character artists in the Malayalam cinema industry and was loved by all. He was the voice behind Thalaivasal Vijay Vijay ( Vijaykumar) got the title Thalaivasal as h >> Read More... Thalaivasal Vijay for the movie Nidra, The Hit List Click to look into! >> Read More... The Hit List , and Karmayogi.




Raveena Ravi Raveena Ravi is also known as Raveena is an Indian >> Read More... Raveena Ravi started dubbing for the lead actresses with Saattai. She is the daughter of famous voice actress . She has dubbed in many television advertisements directed by Ravi Menon Ravi Menon was a veteran Indian film actor who wor >> Read More... Ravi Menon in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. She did her first dubbing in the film Vanaprastham for a child artist in the year 1999.


Sripathi Panditaradhulaya Sailaja is an Indian singer and actress. Her brother SP Balasubrahmanyam is a Prolific playback singer in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam films. Sailaja has sung more than six-thousand songs in the film industry. She has dubbed for an infinite number of movies, and her first dubbed movie was Patnam Vachina Tativrathalu in the year 1982.


Salim was born in Chennai and got graduated from the Film and television institute of India, Pune. He did the dubbing role in the famous movie The Lion King Click to look into! >> Read More... The Lion King for Scar in 1995. He is also known for his acting, theatre directing and as a martial artist.


Sreeja Ravi is one of the popular voice artists, and she has contributed to more than two-thousand films and many more commercial Ads. In Malayalam, she has mostly dubbed for actress Kavya Madhvan. She can speak more than six major Indian languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. She has also performed for foreign productions.


Shammi Thilakan Son of the late actor Thilakan, Shammi Thilakan is >> Read More... Shammi Thilakan is a Malayalam actor as well as a dubbing artist. He has dubbed many movies like Devasuram for Napolean, Ghazal for Nassar, Kadathanadan Ambadi for , etc. Shammi has also won the best state dubbing artist award for the movie Ghazal. He has also worked in different drama troupes and has nearly made 25 dramas.