Top 10 Most Underrated Movies In Tamil

Top 10 Most Underrated Movies In Tamil Tamil Article

Among the many blockbusters made in the Tamil industry, some of them failed to get recognized and didn’t get the credit they deserved. So, here are some underrated movies in Tamil, which missed being a box office hit.

 1. Anbe Sivam

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This was a highly underrated film. Kamal Hassan and Madhavan are two different characters forced to spend time together, and this shows the beauty of the movie. The movie was close to perfection with all the dialogues and sentiments executed well, but it certainly wasn’t given that much importance in the box office.


2. Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum

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A 2013 starrer, superb thriller movie. It had a lot of suspense and thrill and had the audience in awe. The actors performed their best which made the acting look real. Although a great hit, it wasn’t given the credit it deserved.


3. Aaranya Kaandam Click to look into! >>

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This was an absolute hit among the audience, written and directed well. This film was a real entertainer till the end. From hundreds of Tamil gangster movies made, this one was the best mainly because of the acting and the realistic manner in which it was presented. It was given two National Awards but deserved much more.


4. Iruvar

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This film raised a lot of eyes at director Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... . It was a flop among the people in Tamil Nadu. Based on real-life story, it was followed by a lot of controversies. But nonetheless, it was a good movie, worth watching and it shows Mani Ratnam’s hard work.


5. Mayakkam Enna Click to look into! >>

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Mayakkam Enna is a very emotional movie. It talks about life and what life teaches us. It also shows a man’s journey and the role of a woman in it. This film gives the viewer a life changing experience. Overall, a good hit but was given a low rating.


6. Uriyadi

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Uriyadi is a fantastic drama and thriller film, which revolves around four engineering students who fall into a political problem. Like other Tamil movies, this one is not all romance but has all the right elements to make a total hit. It had the perfect detailing but was underrated.


7. Moodar Koodam Click to look into! >>

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This was one of the kind film and was a real entertainer. The story is about four guys, who try to change their luck overnight by stealing gold from a house. The dialogues were written well and directed well. The movie used humour to entertain but a lot of people didn’t love it and hence it was very much underrated.


8. Iraivi

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This film touches us with its sensitivity. It shows the life of three men and their wives. The film teaches men on how to treat women in their life. A motivational hit for women all around. This movie, although a great one, didn’t get that much appreciation as it should have, must watch for everyone.


9. Pudhupettai

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Superstar Dhanush played a strong character in this film. A high school boy becomes a gangster. This film has a good storyline and the execution of the dialogues adds to it. This movie also shows real life politics. A must watch for a movie fan.


10. Achchamundu Achchamundu

A great family film, with a lot of drama and thrill. The acting is well done and portrayed in a very realistic manner. A great movie for a family to watch together. Had a good story with a message in it, but still not given enough credit at the box office.