The 10 Tamil Cartoons That Every Kid Would Love To Watch

The 10 Tamil Cartoons That Every Kid Would Love To Watch Tamil Article

1. Tom and Jerry:-

Who would not love watching Tom and Jerry..? This show is English based but is dubbed in various other languages to satisfy kids. Kids will enjoy watching the mischief between the Cat and the Mouse.


2. Jataka Tales: -

Jataka Tales is a compilation of small stories that are infused with the moral values of life. This cartoon series is a must watch for kids.


3. Dora the Explorer: -


The best thing about being a kid is that there is no difference in what you watch like a girl cartoon or a boy cartoon. Dora, the Explorer, is an example which is almost adored by all the kids. This cartoon is simply very educative with less violence comparatively that children of all age groups will enjoy watching. The cartoon is of Dora’s adventure in the forest with her little friends.    

4. All in All Azhagu Raja: -


This cartoon features in the ChuttiTv which is based on the kid’s comic book Geronimo Stilton. It's mostly the story about a mouse which takes care of many things and goes on adventurous trips and solves mysteries. The unfolding mysteries have children interested all through the cartoon with infused moral values towards the end of every episode.  

5. Mullavin Kathaigal: -


Mulla tales is an interesting cartoon for kids. Mulla is a very smart and wilful person who escapes from a problem with his cleverness. The Cartoon is about the life and difficulties of a peddler who is a Muslim. The cartoon has many episodes which urge kids to watch it more and learn life values with Mulla teaching them


6. Panchatantra Kathaigal: -


This is a story that is mostly related to the ancient animal fables.  The story of the crow and the water and the story of how the crocodile gets fooled by the monkey are all the tales under the Panchatantra stories. These stories teach children how to escape from threats in a smart and ethical way

7. Jackie Chan: -

The animated version of Jackie Chan'

The cartoon is an excellent attempt made my Animators to provide quality TV time for kids.The story is about how Jackie Chan fights villains to keep the world we are living in peaceful and harmonious one. It’s more of a action cartoon.

8. Phineas and Ferb: -

Phineas and Ferb is a cartoon from the English language and is recently dubbed in the Tamil language. The cartoon is filled with humour where the brother sister argue and a little bit of science to make learning interesting. It is loved worldwide by all children mainly because of Perry the Platypus which is a secret agent for the protection of Phineas that he considers being his pet.

9. Crazy Jesse: -

Crazy Jesse is a cartoon about a girl named Jessy who befriends a guy called Sherman. The rest of the story is about how they both be friends against all the odds and have similar interests in science and they build rockets and much more gadgets together.  

10. Super Suji: -

Super Suji is a cartoon series that features in Chutti TV; it's a show based on a mischievous girl named Suji whose family is into wizardry since generations. She being born in the family uses her power unnecessarily which worry' her mother.