Top Ten Actresses Whom We Miss In Malayalam TV In Recent Times

Top Ten Actresses Whom We Miss In Malayalam TV In Recent Times Malayalam Article

Many silver screen heroines enter the TV industry after they start doing character roles. This happens in almost all the film industries in India. Some stars, who impressed the audience, kept them away from the industry or shifted their base to other industries. Here are a few of them:

Sujitha Sujitha is a popular and successful television act >> Read More... Sujitha

“Sujitha,” the famous child artist turned a leading TV actress after playing a few lead roles and supporting roles in the southern film industries. Sujitha is a versatile actress who could speak fluently in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. She had been playing in all the three language TV serials simultaneously. The actress, famous for her role, Unnimaya in “ Harichandanam A very popular television serial aired in Asianet, >> Read More... Harichandanam ,” was last seen on Malayalam channels in the serial, Kumarasambhavam. She has been busy working in Tamil and Telugu serials, Pandian Stores, and “Vandianamma.”


“Praveena,” one of the versatile actresses of the Malayalam film industry, had been doing a lot of exciting roles in the Malayalam serials. The audience still cherishes her performance as the goddess in . Her serials Mounam, Megham, Swapnam, ‘ Malakhamar Malakhamar is a Malayalam serial telecasted in the >> Read More... Malakhamar ,’ Chila Nerangalil Chila Manushyar, “Mohakadal” and “ Ulkadal Ulkadal is a daily drama soap in Malayalam Languag >> Read More... Ulkadal ” are super hit. She was last seen on Malayalam screens with Kasthuriman. She plays in Tamil movies and serials, Telugu films, and web series.

Rasna Rasna (born as Fathimath Rasana) famous for Malaya >> Read More... Rasna

“Rasna,” who impressed the Malayalam serial lovers with her natural performances in many TV serials, has kept herself away from the industry in recent years. “Ammakkay,” “ Parijatham Parijatham is a Malayalam soap drama that was aire >> Read More... Parijatham ,” Sindhoora Cheppu Sindhoora cheppu is a family drama show in the Mal >> Read More... Sindhoora Cheppu , Vridnavanam, Nandanam, and “ Vadhu Vadhu is a new entrant in the daily drama soap fam >> Read More... Vadhu ” are some of her serials.


Vidhya Mohan Vidhya Mohan is a South Indian actress, who hails >> Read More... Vidhya Mohan

Although Vidhya has played in Malayalam films and serials, she started her silver screen and mini screen careers with Tamil. Her first lead role in the movie was in Tamil in the film, Dhandayuthapani and her debut mini screen serial was “ Valli Valli series is a story that portrays the courage >> Read More... Valli ” in Tamil. Ente Pennu Ente Pennu is one of the most famous serials that >> Read More... Ente Pennu and Unnimaya are her hit serials in Malayalam, and the actress has been busily working in Abhiyum Naanum Abhiyum Naanum is the Tamil serial telecasted on S >> Read More... Abhiyum Naanum , a Tamil serial.



Aswathy, who has played in various serials in different roles, quit acting as she settled with her family in UAE. Some of her hit serials are “ Kanakkuyil Kanakuyil is a drama show in the Malayalam languag >> Read More... Kanakkuyil ,” “Alphonsamma,” “ Kumkumapoovu A very popular Malayalam serial, Kumkamapoovu said >> Read More... Kumkumapoovu ,” and “Manasariyathe.” She had also played in a few films.


Anila Sreekumar Anila Sreekumar is a Malayalam actress and serial >> Read More... Anila Sreekumar

Anila Sreekumar made her film debut in 1992 with “ Vineeth Vineeth, is the nephew of yesteryear actress Padmi >> Read More... Vineeth ” and “ Rambha Having worked in over 100 films in Indian cinema, >> Read More... Rambha ” in Sargam, made her mini screen debut in 1995 with a telefilm, Kulam. The actress was seen in Jwalayayi, Vasundhara Medicals Vasundhara Medicals is a very strong woman oriente >> Read More... Vasundhara Medicals , , Swantham Suryaputhri Swantham Suryaputhri is an Indian soap opera telec >> Read More... Swantham Suryaputhri , Devi Mahatmyam, Mohakkadal, Amala, Ponnu Poloru Pennu Ponnu Poloru Pennu is a drama series which airs on >> Read More... Ponnu Poloru Pennu , Karyam Nissaram A comedy series broadcasted in Kairali TV, Karyam >> Read More... Karyam Nissaram , and many others. She made her Tamil serial debut in 2017 with Chinna Thambi. She plays in Paavam Ganesan Paavam Ganesan is a family TV drama, started airin >> Read More... Paavam Ganesan , a Tamil serial in a mother role. She also plays in a Telugu serial, Devatha - Anubandhala Alayam, her debut in Telugu. She was last seen in Thenum Vayambum Thenum Vayambum is television serial aired on Sury >> Read More... Thenum Vayambum in Malayalam.


Sreekala Sasidharan Sreekala Sasidharan now known as Sreekala Vipin, >> Read More... Sreekala Sasidharan

Sreekala Sasidharan, famous for her role as Sophie in Ente Manasaputhri with Archana Suseelan Archana Suseelan is a well known cine-serial artis >> Read More... Archana Suseelan and Asha Sarath Asha Sarath, famous for her role in 'Kumkumap >> Read More... Asha Sarath , is missing from the mini screen. She appeared in many serials, including Swami Ayyappan Swami Ayyappan is an Indian soap opera that is lau >> Read More... Swami Ayyappan , “Punarjanmam,” Sreekrishna Leela, Devi Mahatmyam, Manjal Prasadam Manjal Prasadam is an Indian-Tamil language televi >> Read More... Manjal Prasadam , “ Snehatheeram Snehatheeram is a popular and classical family dra >> Read More... Snehatheeram ,” and Rathri Mazha This is Malayalam opera aired on Flowers Tv. The f >> Read More... Rathri Mazha . She was last seen in Sabarimala Swami Ayyapan in 2019.


Sajitha Betti Sajitha Betti is a popular Malayalam film actress >> Read More... Sajitha Betti

Sajitha Betti started her career as a child artist in 1992 with the film Mr. And Mrs. In the same year, she made her TV debut in a telefilm. Sajitha is famous for her negative roles in TV serials. Some of her TV serials are Kathaparayum Kavyanjali, Snehatheeram, “ Ammakkili Ammakili is a famous Malayalam drama TV serial, br >> Read More... Ammakkili ,” Ponnu Poloru Pennu, Snehajaalakam, Bala Ganapathy You might have become bored after watching the bom >> Read More... Bala Ganapathy , and “Ottachilambu.” After the 2017 serial Seetha as advocate Fatima Beevi, she didn’t sign any serials.


Asha Sarath

Asha Sarath is one of the natural actresses in the Malayalam industry. Her performance in “ Drishyam Click to look into! >> Read More... Drishyam ” is the finest example. She excelled in Kumkumapoovu as Professor Jayanthi. Some of her serials are Nizhalum Nilavum Parayunnathu Nizhalum Nilavum Parayunnathu is an Indian melodra >> Read More... Nizhalum Nilavum Parayunnathu , , Indulekha, Alapanam, Kalathilakam, and Jathaka Kathakal Bio coming soon >> Read More... Jathaka Kathakal . After playing in Michaelinte Santhathikal, she was not seen in serials. However, she has been busy in the film industry.

Divya Padmini Divya Padmini is also known as Divya Viswanath. Sh >> Read More... Divya Padmini

Divya Padmini, who had been in the TV and movie industry since 2006, had not appeared in movies and serials since 2018. She is popular for her serials, Manaporutham, Velankanni Mathavu Velankanni Mathavu belongs to the devotional genre >> Read More... Velankanni Mathavu , " Ammathottil Ammathottil is one of the Malayalam serials teleca >> Read More... Ammathottil ," “ Mattoruval Mattoruval is the tv serial aired on Surya TV. Lau >> Read More... Mattoruval ,” “Indhraneelam,” “ Sthreedhanam Sthreedhanam is a Malayalam television serial broa >> Read More... Sthreedhanam ,” and “Maamattikutti.” She was last seen in the serial, Police. She had also played in a few Tamil serials.