Top 10 Mollywood Movies That Will Appeal To The Foodie In You

Top 10 Mollywood Movies That Will Appeal To The Foodie In You Malayalam Article

Movies made exclusively about food are slowly becoming popular, and food itself has gradually become a genre in cinema. Mollywood can be considered to be in its experimental stage with food considering movies like Salt and Pepper that revolves around food or a movie like Premam where food is creatively used as a prop. Here’s a list of 10 drool-worthy movies that will leave surely leave you hungry. 

1. Ustad Hotel Click to look into! >> Read More... Ustad Hotel

This 2012 Malayalam blockbuster revolves around a young chef on a journey to revive his grandfather’s long-standing hotel, going against his family’s wishes. For the most part, the movie is set in Kozhikode and displays a wide variety of local delicacies. Written by Anjali Menon Anjali Menon is a Malayalam film director who came >> Read More... Anjali Menon and directed by Anwar Rasheed Anwar Rasheed is a famous and highly appreciated d >> Read More... Anwar Rasheed , Ustad Hotel is a must-watch for foodies and fans of Dulquer Salmaan Dulquer Salmaan is a popular Malayalam actor, who >> Read More... Dulquer Salmaan .


2. Salt And Pepper

Salt and Pepper, released in 2011, is a rom-com centered around food. Directed by Aashiq Abu Aashiq Abu known for his work in Malayalam Cinema, >> Read More... Aashiq Abu and starring Asif Ali, Lal, Shweta Menon Shweta Menon is a Malayalam and Hindi movie actres >> Read More... Shweta Menon , and Mythili, among others, the movie revolves around mistaken identities and a multi-layered rainbow cake. With visually pleasing food shots, the movie is every foodie’s dream.

3. The Great Indian Kitchen

Great Indian Kitchen is a sobering reflection of a patriarchal household. The movie is centered on the involvement of a wife in her new home and the gradual reduction of her life to fit into the kitchen. Directed and Written by Jeo Baby Jeo Baby is an upcoming Indian director known for >> Read More... Jeo Baby , the movie is raw and honest, portraying food and its role in mending and breaking relationships.


4. Angamaly Diaries Click to look into! >> Read More... Angamaly Diaries

This 2017 drama film revolves around the life of Pepe and his friends from Angamaly. The movie is directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery Known for his work on Malayalam films, Lijo Jose P >> Read More... Lijo Jose Pellissery and written by . The movie revolves around a crime, but the local cuisine plays a very important role. From pork delicacies to street food, the movie offers a real insight into Kerala’s famed cuisine.


5. Proprietors: Kammath And Kammath

Starring Mammootty and Dileep, this 2013 movie tells the story of two brothers and their entrepreneurial venture running a chain of Dosa restaurants. The movie, directed by Thomson K Thomson, shows Dosa, one of the most loved south Indian food items, and is a must-watch for all Dosa lovers out there. 


6. Mr. Butler

This 2000 released comedy movie is directed by Sasi Shanker The late Sasi Shanker is an Indian film director, >> Read More... Sasi Shanker and stars Dileep and Ruchita Prasad Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ruchita Prasad in lead roles. Dileep plays the role of Gopala Krishnan, a chef who falls in love with the cinematographer of a food show. The iconic scene where the protagonist cooks biriyani in a lift is truly a food lover’s dream.


7. Ee Parakkum Thalika Click to look into! >> Read More... Ee Parakkum Thalika

Ee Parakkum Thalika is a 2001 comedy film starring Dileep, Nithya Das Nithya Das is a Malayalam and Tamil film and telev >> Read More... Nithya Das , and Harisree Ashokan Harisree Ashokan is a well-known Mollywood Actor, >> Read More... Harisree Ashokan , among others. Directed by Thaha, the movie revolves around an old bus and the protagonist’s attempts to run a mobile kitchen in it as he falls in love with a girl that seeks refuge with them.


8. Spanish Masala Click to look into! >> Read More... Spanish Masala

Dileep reprises his role as a chef in this 2012 rom-com. Directed by Lal Jose Best known in Malayalam cinema, Lal Jose is a film >> Read More... Lal Jose , the movie revolves around an immigrant chef in Spain and how his fortunes turn when he invents a type of Dosa named Spanish Masala. Capturing hearts with food, this movie is a must-watch for food and travel enthusiasts alike.


9. Iyobinte Pushtakam (2014)

Iyobinte Pushtakam is a 2014 period film starring Fahadh Faasil Born in 1983, Fahadh Faasil is known for his works >> Read More... Fahadh Faasil , Lal, and Jayasurya. The film revolves around Iyob and his three sons as they live, love, and betray. The period piece also introduces the audience to the history of local delicacies such as “Puttu” and “Biryani”. This movie will surely appeal to the foodies and fans of historical films.

10. Premam

This 2015 Malayalam blockbuster is directed and written by Alphonse Puthren Alphonse Puthren is a versatile Indian director, a >> Read More... Alphonse Puthren . Starring Nivin Pauly, and Madonna Sebastian, among others, the movie tells the story of George and his experiences with love during three stages of his life. Food plays an important role in bringing the plot together, be it the bakery George runs at the end of the film or his local food indulgences during his school days; the movie gives insight into the food of the common people and what’s hot and trending among Keralites.