Top 10 Flop Movies In Mollywood In 2022

Top 10 Flop Movies In Mollywood In 2022  Malayalam Article

Big budgets, renowned directors, and well-known performers won't boost your box office earnings. It's never easy to read a movie's screenplay and attempt to predict how well it will go. Here is the list of Top 10 Flop movies in Mollywood in 2022.

1. Meppadiyan:

Meppadiyan is a drama film in the Malayalam language was created by Unni Mukundan Born on the 22nd of September, 1987, Unni Mukundan >> Read More... Unni Mukundan Films and written and directed by Vishnu Mohan. Unni Mukundan, Anju Kurian Born on December 27th, 1993, in Kottayam, Kerala, >> Read More... Anju Kurian , Kottayam Ramesh, Aju Varghese Aju Varghese is an Indian film actor, born to Varg >> Read More... Aju Varghese , Saiju Kurup Saiju Govind Kurup, known for his screen name as S >> Read More... Saiju Kurup , Nisha Sarang Nisha Sarangh is an Indian Film and Television Act >> Read More... Nisha Sarang , and Kalabhavan Shajohn all play prominent parts in the movie. Rahul Subrahmanian Rahul Subrahmanian is an Indian music director and >> Read More... Rahul Subrahmanian composed the movie's music and background score.


2. Archana 31 Not Out:

The comedy drama Archana 31 Not Out was written and directed by Akhil Anilkumar Akhil Anilkumar is a Malayalam director. Some of h >> Read More... Akhil Anilkumar in 2022. It was produced by Martin Prakkat Martin Prakkat is a movie director who works in th >> Read More... Martin Prakkat , Siby Chavara, and Renjith Nair M Renjith is an Indian-Producer. He primarily work >> Read More... Renjith Nair . Aishwarya Lekshmi Aishwarya Lekshmi is an Indian actress who has wor >> Read More... Aishwarya Lekshmi , Indrans, and Ramesh Pisharody Ramesh Pisharody, a mimicry artist and anchor, was >> Read More... Ramesh Pisharody are all featured in the movie. In February 2022, it was published with negative reviews.

3. Kallan D'Souza:

Jithu K Jayan's drama film Kallan D'Souza, in which and Soubin Shahir Soubin Shahir is a well-known actor and an assista >> Read More... Soubin Shahir have prominent parts, is directed by Jayan. This film had a disaster report.


4. Aaraattu:

The 2022 Malayalam action-masala film Aaraattu was written and directed by B. Unnikrishnan. Mohanlal plays a prominent role in the film Aaraattu. Neyyattinkara Gopan, the lead actor Mohanlal's character, is the focus of Aaraattu. However, the star value can't able to reach the proper collection.


5. Upacharapoorvam Gunda Jayan:

Arun Vaiga Arun Vaiga is an Indian screenwriter, editor, and >> Read More... Arun Vaiga is the director of the 2022 Malayalam drama film Upacharapoorvam Gunda Jayan. Aswin Madhu, Saiju Kurup, Johny Antony Born to C. J. Antony and Liduwa Antony in Changana >> Read More... Johny Antony , and Jaffer Idukki Jaffer Idukki is a Movie actor. He was born in Ind >> Read More... Jaffer Idukki play prominent parts in the film. This film also had disaster reports.


6. Member Rameshan 9 am Ward:

The 2022 Malayalam drama film Member Rameshan 9 am Ward was helmed by Aby Treesa Paul Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Aby Treesa Paul and Anto Jose Periera Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anto Jose Periera . Arjun Asokan, Indrans, Johny Antony, and play the main parts in Member Rameshan 9am Ward. The narrative of Rameshan, who entered politics by mistake, is told in the film.


7. Naaradan:

Aashiq Abu Aashiq Abu known for his work in Malayalam Cinema, >> Read More... Aashiq Abu directed the Malayalam drama film Naaradan. Tovino Thomas Tovino Thomas is a well-known face in the Malayala >> Read More... Tovino Thomas and Anna Ben Anna Ben Nayarambalam, popularly known as Anna Ben >> Read More... Anna Ben play the key characters in the movie. Due to the postponement of the movie, this film lost its attention.


8. Pada:

Kamal K M is the director of the 2022 drama film Pada in Malayalam. The major actors in Pada are Kunchacko Boban Kunchacko Boban is a handsome young guy who got in >> Read More... Kunchacko Boban , Vinayakan, Joju George Joju George was born on 22nd October in 1977. He w >> Read More... Joju George , and Dileesh Pothan. The occurrence that served as the inspiration for Pada happened in Kerala in the 1980s.


9. Night Drive:

Vysakh is the director of the 2022 Malayalam drama film Night Drive. The main cast of Night Drive includes Anna Ben, Roshan Mathew Roshan Mathew is a young Indian actor who made his >> Read More... Roshan Mathew , Siddique, and Indrajith Sukumaran Indrajith Sukumaran is a prominent film actor, who >> Read More... Indrajith Sukumaran . The film tells the tale of a young couple who had an accident and got into difficulties.

10. Oruthee:

V. K. Prakash is the director of the 2022 Indian Malayalam criminal thriller movie titled Oruthee. The movie's screenplay was authored by S. Suresh Babu Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Suresh Babu and was produced by VK Abdul Nazar under the Benzy Productions label.