Nisha Sarangh is an Indian Film and Television Actress. She works in the Malayalam Film and Television Industries. Nisha was born on the 2nd of July in the year 1976. She was born in Ernakulam, Kerala. She is the daughter of Shyamala Sharanagadharan. She has two daughters whose name is Revathy and Revitha. Nisha made her debut as an actress in the Film Industry with the Malayalam movie Agnisakshi (1999). She appeared in more movies such as Hariharan Pillai Happy Aanu (2003), Big B (2007), Vairam: Fight For Justice (2009), Drishyam (2013), Ladoo (2017), and many more. She also worked in many TV serials such as January (2008), Balaganapathy (2014 to 2015), Sundari (2015), and a few more.