Agnisakshi: The Most Voted Kannada Serial In The History Of Kannada Television

Agnisakshi: The Most Voted Kannada Serial In The History Of Kannada Television Kannada Article

Agnisakshi, a Kannada serial which aired first on the 6th of December 2013 on colors Kannada had received the highest TRPs in the history of Kannada television. It started as a result of merging two already running serials, Lakshmi Baramma Laxmi Baramma is a serial being telecast on ETV Ka >> Read More... Lakshmi Baramma , and Ashwini Nakshatra Ashwini Nakshatra is a serial being telecast on ET >> Read More... Ashwini Nakshatra . The main female lead of Agnisakshi, Sannidhi was the sister of Ashwini Nakshatra’s male lead, JK and the main male lead of Agnisakshi, Sidharth, was a friend of Lakshmi Baramma’s male lead, Chandu and who was in love with Chinnu, one of the female leads of Lakshmi Baramma.

The main plot is based on the lives of two families that are tied together with the female lead, Sannidhi. The first episode starts with the marriage of Sidharth and Sannidhi. Sannidhi is a kind and a gentle person who believes in everyone very easily. Sidharth is an easy-going, fun-loving business person. This marriage was arranged by Sidharth’s sister-in-law Chandrika, who chose Sannidhi because of her infertility and therefore won’t be able to produce an heir to inherit the family properties. Gradually, Sidharth, who was least interested in Sannidhi, starts falling in her love. On the other side, Sidharth’s brother Akhil and Sannidhi’s sister Tanu fall in love and hope to get married. But their dreams and Sidharth and Sannidhi’s love will be continuously threatened b y Chandrika and her sister Maya in the hope of taking control over Sidharth’s family. Starring Vijay Suriya and Vaishnavi as Sidharth and Sannidhi, this serial has been the hot favorite among all the age groups.

Audience’s reviews:


1. I like Sannidhi’s role a lot. But I don’t like Chandrika. I am waiting for the truth to win and the false to end.

2. Even though I go to the gym at that time, I either record it and see, or I see the repeat telecast but will never miss it.

3. It is the most entertaining show on the Kannada television presently. I don’t miss even one episode of it.