Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Horror Movies That Gave Us Goosebumps

Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Horror Movies That Gave Us Goosebumps Hindi Article

Raaz (2002)

A horror flick and the first movie of a part of four installments, this film stands apart from others and holds merit on its own. Though Dino Morea lacked emotion, it is Bipasha Basu Bipasha Basu, born in January 7,1979 in Delhi, is >> Read More... Bipasha Basu that the film was worth watching for in theatres. She portrayed the role of Dino's wife. Upon learning that a vengeful spirit is after her husband, she does whatever it takes to save him.


Vastu Shastra (2004)

When an author, his wife, and son move into an old house with a giant tree in the backyard, their lives are forever changed. The little boy makes imaginary friends, who in reality, were the spirits who resided in the house. Days go by, and strange occurrences in the house scare Jhilmil. This film contains all the spooky elements that will give one a nightmarish dream.


Krishna Cottage Krishna Cottage is a Tamil television serial that >> Read More... Krishna Cottage (2004)


This film is one underrated gem and one of the best horror love stories. Though the plot is typical of Bollywood and involves past lives and histories interconnecting with the present, the love between the two leads is what keeps it going on smoothly. The story starts with a book containing details of the life of the haunting spirit, and whoever reads it dies.

13B: Fear has a New Address (2009)


This film revolves around Manohar and how he experiences strange occurrences after moving with the whole family into a new apartment that he bought with his brother. The women in his family start watching a TV serial that starts resembling the happenings. The elevator also always seemed to be out of order, only working for other people and not him. It is a gripping tale of coming face to face with hidden truths and buried secrets.

1920 (2008)


Directed by Vikram Bhatt Vikram Bhatt (Born 1969) is a prominent film direc >> Read More... Vikram Bhatt and marking the debut of Rajneesh Duggal Rajneesh Duggal is a former model and Bollywood ac >> Read More... Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma Adah Sharma is an Indian actress and a model. She >> Read More... Adah Sharma , this film became a commercial success, and critics were pleased with Adah's performance. Arjun and Lisa belong to two different religions. Their families oppose this. Soon, they move out and buy a house in Bombay to live in together after marriage. There, Lisa finds a room that appears particularly odd, but Arjun dismisses it. Then she becomes possessed by an evil demonic male entity. Now, Arjun must go back to his old religion and save her. It is a film bound to give people nights of sleeplessness.


Darna Mana Hai If you are a Daredevil & love to watch movies rela >> Read More... Darna Mana Hai (2003)


This film is a collection of six short stories. Seven friends were on a road trip, and just when they were passing through a forest, their breaks down. Stranded, they soon seek refuge in an abandoned old house. While one of the friends stays back in the car, the other six go on. As time seemed to go by, the friends start telling each other scary stories. One by one, after every tale finished, a friend went out and never came back. This film achieved commercial success and made way for a sequel too.

Ek Thi Daayan Click to look into! >> Read More... Ek Thi Daayan (2013)

A spinning tale of satanic practices, Emraan Hashmi's film has captured our attention from the beginning. Here, he plays the role of Bobo, a famous magician. When they were playing hide and seek once, he witnessed his father's new wife sacrificing his sister as part of a ritual to gain more demonic powers. This moment is so ingrained in his head that he starts believing in witchcraft and the existence of Daayan. The plot twist at the end is both shocking and amazing.

Phoonk (2008)

A Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma is a famed Indian film director an >> Read More... Ram Gopal Varma production, Phoonk, is based on the art of black magic. With the film made on a low-budget, the success and the gross earnings made it extremely successful. Though critics have given mixed reviews, it is quite unusual to see a film delving into a rarely used subject, and that is fascinating. Child actress Ahsaas Channa Ahsaas Channa is an Indian Actress, Model, Anchor >> Read More... Ahsaas Channa has given a decent performance.

Bhoot (2003)

Yet another film directed by Ram Gopal Varma, this one went on to become a success in the box-office, with Urmila Matondkar Urmila Matondkar is an Indian actress born on 4th >> Read More... Urmila Matondkar going on to win many awards to her name. Playing the role of a possessed wife of Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgn is an Indian film actor. He is perhaps >> Read More... Ajay Devgan , Urmila indeed did a splendid job. This film was a fresh take of the horror genre and, Varma managed to do a great job in the time course without any songs.

Pari (2018)

With some elements of eerie background music, it has the usual Bollywood scene where the possessed one is feeding on some animal. This film steers itself away from the trope. It is about a cult wherein a woman gets raped by a spirit and is supposed to give birth to its child. Intrigued by her, a man offers shelter in his home. Despite knowing anything, feelings develop, and her true demonic nature unearths.