Top 10 Interesting And Uncharted Subjects Bollywood Should Focus On

Top 10 Interesting And Uncharted Subjects Bollywood Should Focus On Hindi Article

1. Apocalypse

While Hollywood is teeming with movies set in a post-apocalyptic era, Bollywood has never seemed to even tap this virtually unexplored segment of cinema. Now that we have state-of-the-art visual effects with movies like Bahubali 2, we can create a unique set of India affected by world-changing events. And we do know that movies with good visuals can bring in a lot of money (Bahubali I am looking at you). Considering that the post-apocalyptic genre is still evolving as showcased by Logan, we can certainly have Bollywood put its thinking caps on for the matter.

2. Disaster

Disaster movies work very well for the audience. Everyone loves to see roads cracking and buildings falling. The movie 2012 was highly re-watchable with maximum credit to be given to the visual effects. A similar scenario from an Indian perspective (tsunami, anyone?) would be a highly interesting watch.

3. Psychological thrillers

To be fair, we have had some entries in this genre from Bollywood but again, to be fair, none of them even come close to the standard set by international movies. Meanwhile, we can keep waiting for Bollywood to deliver on this.

4. Identity Crisis

Films portraying identity crises have been popular all the way from Scorcese’s masterpiece the Taxi Driver to the recently released Split. These movies have consistently proved that not only are they interesting to watch, but they very often end up being some of the greatest movies of all time. We don’t need to look any further than Taxi Driver and Fight Club. It is high time that Bollywood rises to the occasion.

5. Movies set in a room/ Courtroom Drama

The movie Court of 2014 serves as the only shining star that Indian cinema has produced in this genre. Bollywood doesn’t need extravagant studio settings, dance sequences or globe-hopping to fuel a gripping plot (which in most cases doesn’t end up being one). Movies, as Court does, can run much better on much simpler things; human emotion and the pursuit of justice.

6. Time travel

These movies have a great way of exploring the human psyche literally through time and driving home the fact to stay true to our roots. Back to The Future was not only genre-defining, but also ended up being a cult movie worth following.

7. Political Comedy

Even though Bollywood may have had some hard-hitting movies dealing with the dark side of politics, it all remains hypothetical and fictional. We don’t think twice about asserting our extremely tolerant democracy, even if the evidence may sometimes indicate the opposite. So why is the thought of making a satire of real-life politicians such an unspeakable thing? Will Bollywood and the Censor Board ever let it happen?


8. Loneliness

As cities become filled with more people and everyone becomes fully absorbed in their work, the issue of finding no one there for you becomes one worth exploring. Considering that movies like Her have already done that with futuristic settings, maybe Bollywood can try the same with Mumbai, contemporary or otherwise?

9. Racism

With an influx of Africans and people of other ethnicities in India’s big cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, the issue of racism becomes important in dealing with the problems that international students may face. Hollywood movies like American History X deal with the subject head-on and show that society can tackle and abolish this regressive factor plaguing it.

10. The Internet

Cybercrime is on the rise. And the youth in cities are shaping both their personal lives and careers around social media and the internet. We need movies addressing the millions of issues surrounding the 21st-century phenomenon that is the internet.