Top 10 Bollywood Movies We All Would Have Watched On Repeat

Top 10 Bollywood Movies We All Would Have Watched On Repeat Hindi Article

We are pretty sure that we all have watched the same movies on repeat. Bollywood movies are a delight to watch; thus, the audience watches a particular film several times. We all have guilty pleasures, like Hum Aapke Hai Kon and Judaai. If you haven't watched Taarzan the wonder car multiple times, I don't trust your choice! Here is the list of the Top 10 Bollywood movies we all would have watched on repeat-

1. Golmal

The Bollywood's King of Comedies is Hrishikesh Mukherjee Hrishikesh Mukherjee is a film director, writer an >> Read More... Hrishikesh Mukherjee . Directed by him, Golmal is a lighthearted comedy. It is an OG of comedy of the confusion era. Not all Genzs, but some who are cinephiles should have watched it multiple times!


2. Chup Chup Ke Click to look into! >> Read More... Chup Chup Ke

Priyadarshan's Chup Chup Ke is a gem. No matter how much we watch, we can never get enough of it. It is another example of comedy of confusion. Watch it now if you haven't watched it even once. And watch it again; it's a sign.

3. Tarzan The Wonder Car

The nostalgic movie Tarzan the wonder car is an example of a film we all, all the Genzs, might have watched multiple times. It provides wholesome entertainment; it has adventure, thrill, action, drama, and comedy packed.


4. Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani

Most watched romantic comedy should be Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. Everything was so entertaining; even the fight scenes were so funny to watch in the movie. It's that Ranbir-Katrina film we all have watched many times.


5. Tees Maar Khan Click to look into! >> Read More... Tees Maar Khan

One of the guilty pleasures is watching Tees Maar Khan every time it comes on TV. You are lying if you say you have not rewatched it! The movie was not as good, but entertaining enough to make us watch it multiple times!


6. Sholay

Without any doubt, Sholay is on the list of most rewatched movies. It was a revolutionary movie with multiple themes. Each of its characters, dialogues, and scenes is well versed by the Indian audience. So, "Kitne Aadmi The?"


7. Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Most watched romance film is undoubtedly Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. No need for any synopsis of the movie; we all know what it is about! So, "Jaa Simran, Jeele Apni Zindagi" and watch it again a 100th time.


8. 3 Idiots

Every Farhan's favorite movie is 3 Idiots; if you know, you know! As a student, we all loved how the film showed our lives so subtly and in a correct way. It was both emotional and comic, which makes it rewatchable.


9. Oh My God

We all might have watched Oh my God multiple times because of its fresh theme. as Krishna Ji was fun to watch. If you haven't watched it even once, you are missing a very good story and its excellent narration.

10. Hera Pheri Hera Pheri is a comedy based TV show which came on >> Read More... Hera Pheri

All Priyadarshan's films are rewatchable, but Hera Pheri has its own space in the hearts of Indian audiences who love the comedy genre. We all have watched it multiple times, and we are still watching it, right?