TOP 10 Bollywood Movies Of Salman Khan With Rating Below Five

TOP 10 Bollywood Movies Of Salman Khan With Rating Below Five Hindi Article

Box office earnings for Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan movies are at the top of the list. He is without a doubt the Sultan of Bollywood. However, some of his films didn't live up to the hype. Here is a list of the worst Salman Khan films, as determined by ratings.

1. Tubelight (3.8 Stars)

The 2015 American movie Little Boy Click to look into! >> Read More... Little Boy contributed as the inspiration for Tubelight. The main character there was an 8-year-old child who was cruelly referred to as Little Boy because of how small he is. Little Boy decides to find the faith and bring his father back after learning that he will be fighting in World War II World War II is a Malayalam information TV show on >> Read More... World War II . The Bible's lessons were there. Gandhiji's values are present in this.


2. Radhe (1.9 Stars)

Prabhudheva mainly depends on Salman's raw talent, tone, and attitude to propel the story, and it works when our leading man is delivering a punch. Beyond the action, however, there are only filmy language, his weak chemistry with Disha Patani, and his humourless exchanges with Jackie Shroff, who portrays Salman's superior as a senior cop. Randeep Hooda The strong macho image of Randeep Hooda graces the >> Read More... Randeep Hooda is sleek and vicious in his performance and makes every second on screen matter.

3. Race 3 (1.9 Stars)

Race 3, directed by Remo D'Souza, is a dance of idiots that starts off on a confusing course. Too many players and insufficient rules prevent them from remaining rational during the game. It concerns Shamsher Singh A good journalist is the one who goes up to all ex >> Read More... Shamsher Singh , a shady international armaments trader, and his family ( Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor was born on 24th December 1956 in Mumb >> Read More... Anil Kapoor ). To blackmail Indian politicians busted in a prostitution ring, they set out on a mission to seize a hard disc from the high-security vault of a Cambodian bank.


4. Bharat (4.7 Stars)

Ali Abbas Zafar Ali Abbas Zafar is a popular Indian actor, Directo >> Read More... Ali Abbas Zafar , the director of Bharat, tore down Salman's giddy on-screen character to get him to give a strong performance as the weak, frail wrestler in Sultan. However, despite claiming to be an actual remake of the popular Korean film Ode to My Father, this movie falls short of its lofty goals. The filmmakers don't offer anything particularly smart or profound about the protagonist's or the nation's journey over the course of nearly seven decades.


5. Dabangg 3 (3 Stars)

The movie contains all the elements necessary for a big-budget masala blockbuster, including superb action, music, drama, and, of course, Salman squeezing all of these elements into one plot. It's well done when an actor interjects humour into sequences of intense action. Salman is in his element in "Dabangg 3," striking the bad guys with lethal blows while Hudd Hudd Dabangg shouts can be heard in the background, all while being surrounded by smoke, dust, and fire.


6. God Tussi Great (3.6 Stars)

Arun Prajapati is primarily the focus of the narrative (Salman Khan). Arun wants to be a prominent anchor, but his efforts are often unsuccessful due to bad luck. His love life is also nothing to be proud of, and he is a failure in his professional endeavours. Arun attributes all of his setbacks and difficulties to the one and only GOD. For Arun, everything that is wrong with his life is God's fault and must be atoned for.


7. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (4.4 Stars)

Salman portrays the role with exquisite elegance, deftly establishing a dramatic contrast between caviar and chole bhature. His Vijay is stiff, stern, and taut; he exudes machismo but lacks tenderness, and he is lonely with a king-sized ego. His Prem is radiant with life, cheekily joyful, calling Diwanji the "virgin Bapu," then deepening in cautious love's silent gazes like sugar mixed into kheer.


8. Veer (4.6 Stars)

The film Veer tells the tale of the fierce Pindari tribesmen who resisted British control in India. They were once duped by the Madhavgarh monarch and forced to fight alongside the British unintentionally. They discovered they had been duped when they requested their lands after the fight. The battle cost them a lot of Pindari Warriors as well.


9. Yuvvraaj (4.1 Stars)

Deven, a chorus singer in Prague, is the protagonist of Yuvvraaj's story. Deven is played by Salman Khan in an anglicised accent. He begins floating through the air while dreaming of marrying an eternally cello-playing Anushkha, and it's clear that love is in the air as he does so without receiving any flying distinctions (). When the girl's father objects to their marriage, the traditional aamir-ladki garib-ladka formula is invoked.

10. Ready

Salman Khan's character, Prem, develops feelings for Sanjana (Asin), a runaway bride who hides in his vast Indian parivaar while pretending to be a family visitor. But before they can be married, he has to resolve her family's conflicts and turn her warring clan into a model Hum Saath Saath Hain family.