The strong macho image of Randeep Hooda graces the Indian Film Industry. He started off at a young age and has now become a main presence in the Indian Film Industry. He has recently played numerous worthy characters for which, he has received much critical and public acclaim. Hooda hails from a town named Rohtak in Haryana and belongs to an illustrious background. His father is a surgeon and mother, a social worker. He started off studying at a boarding school in Sonepat, Haryana. However, just as he was about to establish himself as a theater director in the school, his parents transferred him to DPS RK Puram, as they wanted him to be a doctor. He was said that, he developed the attitude of anger from there, as he was at a difficult phase being an unknown from a place where he was much loved.

Hooda started off with, playing a role in Deepa Nair’s Monsoon Wedding. However, his major break came from Ramgopal Verma’s movie Dawood Ibrahim named ‘D’. He emerged as a star in the making, and signed of meeti roles and became quite a star.

He has quite a love for horses and says, he missed riding for seventeen long years, from his days at school. He also shares a love for writing and started off by writing a column that depicted what the Indian boys faced in Australia.

He broke up with former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen and describes the break up set him relief; he has said that he gave up too much in the relation.
Rajvvir Aroraa Hindi Actor

Rajvvir Aroraa

Rajvvir Aroraa is an Indian Film actor who is known for his film ‘404: Error Not Found’ released in the year (2011). Rajvvir was born and brought up in Delhi. He completed his graduation in Delhi and then moved to Cardiff University UK to pursue MBA in Marketing. He belongs to a middle-class family, so after he finished his education, he expressed his desire to become an actor to his parents. Thus, backed by the desire to become an actor, he moved to Mumbai to begin with it. He worked very hard to get in shape and lost around 21 Kgs with the help of exercise and proper diet. Later he worked on his weak points like diction and attempted various auditions tirelessly. Finally, he was spotted at a production house where he was selected for the Psychological suspense movie ‘404: Error Not Found’. Though Rajvvir was always interested in acting as a career to be on the safer side, he decided first to finish his education then step into acting. He never opted for any acting course while he was in London for his MBA as he feels that acting is a skill that cannot be taught like other skills and he kept practicing it on his own by capturing his acting videos and working on it. But he did attend a workshop on acting with Mr. Om Kataria to enhance his skill. Rajvvir has changed the spelling of his name by adding an extra “v” and “a” based on Numerology to attain success in his acting career. Rajvvir is super confident and is positive even in this period of struggle. He feels that success is nothing but continuous efforts towards your goal. He had to go through multiple rounds of audition to get through his debut movie as the initial auditions didn't go very well. In the movie ’404: Error Not Found’; Rajvvir is playing the role of a medical student. He explains that though most actors prefer to have a love stories as their debut, he felt different and chose a psychological suspense to make it an original debut. He wants to perform for all genres of the movie not specifically love stories as it will help him grow a lot as an actor. Though the first film he signed was ‘Ekant’ but due to turn of events, ’404: Error Not Found’ got released first. Rajvvir says that he had learned a lot from the experienced cast of his first movie. He believes that though it’s difficult to get into acting without having an acting background times have changed, and people of the industry are recognizing and giving opportunities to newcomers. Thus, hard work and never give up attitude is what keeps him going through the entire struggle.


Aalok Kapoor

Gandhi Ki Zameen Par was an exceptional movie that showcased the talents of Aalok Kapoor to the rest of the world. Aalok Kapoor is an exceptional actor in Bollywood who has been fortunately blessed with a lot of talent. He was born in Patna, Mumbai, completing his education in the prominent college in the area-Patna University. Aalok Kapoor’s debut film “Gandhi KI Zameen Par” is an intense and touching movie was released in the year 2012 and was able to grip the audience with its performance as well as the story. This extraordinary film was directed and written by Sunil Prem Vyas. In the movie, Aalok played the role of ‘Pratap’. The plot of the movie “Gandhi Ki Zameen Par” revolves around the period of communal riots India. It is about how a family and a TV reporter try to spread out the message of humanity among the rioters and to the rest of the world. Following the paths of Gandhi, these humane people try to do what they can to bring peace and happiness to the otherwise protesting and fighting the world. The film describes the fear, anguish, anger, loss and uncertainties prevailing in the world. The film is in a way trying to bring out a good message against the cruelty of humans. Actor Aalok Kapoor has tended to his character with utmost care and patience and done everything that he could physically and mentally do to make sure that his role turned out in a perfect manner. After all, perfecting one’s role is what makes an actor known and recognized in our industry. And that’s exactly what happened in the case of Aalok. Even though he hasn’t been able to do any further movies, yet, his talent and flair for acting were clearly seen in his debut film “Gandhi Ki Zameen Par”

Aalok Kapoor Hindi Actor