10 Things That Should Be Banned On Indian Television

10 Things That Should Be Banned On Indian Television Hindi Article

1. Unnecessary Drama

TV serials should be educative, or something useful. No wonder the television is called an ‘idiot box.’ When there is more drama, the audience gets more frustrated and irritated till the next episode is out and it’s irritating when one has to wait for something for so long.

2. Cloning

Practically, it’s impossible to have clones in real life. The TV serials have more than two clones sometimes. It feels unrealistic and seems over the top. There could be identical twins or people who look similar twins, but not clones.

3. Filler Episodes

Filler episodes are used for advertising or for promoting a particular show or product. When filler episodes are used, the whole point of the show is lost. The flow in which the viewer is watching the show is cut off. And this generally is a problem for the hardcore fans.

4. Unrealistic Tracks

The audience doesn’t seem to like the fictional characters added on the show. They prefer realistic characters, rather than unrealistic characters such as naagins, witches or ghosts.

5. Replacements That Don’t Match

The actor being replaced should look more like the original actor. They put completely unmatched profiles, which spoils the mood of the show as the acting is sometimes not up to the mark. Now-a-days such technology is available, which makes similarity possible.

6. Saas- Bahu Conflicts

These quarrels make the show more unrealistic and dramatic. It’s not true, in real life all the daughter-in-laws don’t fight with their mother-in-laws. The mothers are not that insecure about their sons as they portray in these serials.

7. The Repeated Telecasts

The shows are telecasted throughout the day. It’s important to telecast them, as for people who missed it can watch it later, but they telecast it the whole day. It could be done once or twice, and then rest of the time they could play a movie or something informative.

8. Reaction Pe Reaction

When an over dramatic scene happens, that particular frame is put in the loop system, three times. It’s a little frustrating for the audience. Over acting and too much drama could which could be avoided.

9. Stereotypes

The stereotypes are shown very strongly in these serials. They believe things like if the mirror breaks its bad luck. The women are kept at home, whereas the men go to work every morning. The daughter-in-laws always face sadness and are never happy. These stereotypes should be avoided as much as possible, as it tends to influence the youth of today. But there are a few shows that have broken the stereotypes of the people.

10. Badly timed Advertisements

First of all, the show is only about 15-20 minutes. The advertisements are shown, take 10 minutes of the half and hour show. These advertisements are so badly timed that when the climax comes only then, they will take a break. The people get frustrated. It could cause health issues and could make an individual a serial addict. To wait for the show to come back, sometimes the flow is lost.