10 Outfits Of Sonam Kapoor Inspired From Hollywood

10 Outfits Of Sonam Kapoor Inspired From Hollywood Hindi Article

It’s safe to say that Sonam Kapoor is the real Fashionista of India. She has represented India fashion-wise in the fashion capitals of Paris and Milan. So it is well known that when Sonam Kapoor wears something, it sure makes a statement. But fashion faux pas happen to everybody and our very own Fashionista isn’t far from it. Her style sense is flawless, no matter what, though.

Here are 10 Outfits that Sonam Kapoor copied from Hollywood:


1 Jennifer Lopez

Ah Versace. I don’t blame Sonam for copying this look. It looks flawless on them both and who wouldn’t get inspired by Jennifer Lopez. I mean, just look at the lady.

2 Mila Kunis

This Dolce & Gabbana dress is a dreamboat and one of Sonam’s older looks. But it’s pushing the luck, copying the outfit to a tee. Both the ladies look really charming though.

3 Marion Cotillard

Though she wore this gorgeous Dior dress for a photo shoot unlike Marion who wore it on the red carpet, it doesn’t overlook the fashion faux pas Sonam committed.

4 Kerry Washington

Dior again, and Sonam Kapoor copies again. She doesn’t leave anything to the imagination by copying the whole look. The only thing that varies is their clutches of the accessories that they have used.

5 Kristen Stewart

Sonam Kapoor and the Twilight star in Roberto Cavalli’s outfit. Sonam enhances the dress a bit more with a pop of colour by adding red lips and we must say, it does bring out the dress and glamour that she possess.

6 Kelly Brooks

Dolce & Gabbana yet again. This time, Kelly Brook is the ‘muse’ Sonam Kapoor uses as an inspiration. She puts up the outfit with a red handbag and red lips, but it’s a bit too red for the eyes, no?

7 Jennifer Lawrence

Now we know Dior is tempting but so much that Sonam had to copy yet another outfit? This one for a photo shoot while the Hunger Games star graced it on the red carpet, but Sonam should really consider that her list is increasing, and she needs to maintain a list or else she will be soon having a tag that she would not be proud of enough.

8 Amy Adams

This deep cut Prabal Gurung’s dress is clearly gorgeous, and Sonam Kapoor couldn’t help herself but wear it. Unfortunately, Amy Adams had the same idea because she was seen sporting the dress at the premiere of the movie ‘Her’. Though unintentional, it happened again.

9 9 Jennifer Lopez

Now I mentioned before that Jennifer Lopez is a muse to everyone, and I mean everyone and her flawlessness cannot be obtained. And yet, Sonam Kapoor tries, again. Despite the fact, this dress isn’t a total copy, but the likeliness can be seen. We’ll let it go for now Sonam, in the name of Gucci.

10 Dita Von Teese

We all want to wear an Elie Saab number, but there are other dresses to choose from of course. Sonam undoubtedly thinks otherwise. But nevertheless, both of them look utterly beautiful.


Sonam Kapoor may be the fashion diva of India, but everybody needs an inspiration and the above list shows that Sonam Kapoor needs someone to reflect upon, more than anybody. But we do recommend a dose of originality with a side of sugar.