Top Ten CW Shows With The Hottest Male Protagonists

Top Ten CW Shows With The Hottest Male Protagonists English Article

“Dare to Defy”.
This is exactly the slogan of American network’s most successful television network, the CW. And the reason that it has shot to fame is because of the amazing shows that it telecasts. Here is the list of top ten hottest male protagonists from the most successful shows. 
Ladies, pay attention! 
Bringing to life the character of the evil, vicious, yet mind-numbingly sexy vampire Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder has been a trendsetter in the television world. Starting off his career from another hit show L.O.S.T, he couldn’t garner attention, until he joined the cast of The Vampire Diaries As is evident from the name, The Vampire Diaries d >> Read More... The Vampire Diaries —and life for him after that has been a steep rise of success! Graced with numerous awards, link-up rumours and all, we wish that Ian never leaves our television screen!
Portraying the role of the dark, mysterious and a tad bit too serious vampire Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley has left no stone unturned to touch the hearts of the viewers. Starring in various other shows like Wolf Lake—which weren’t that hit, Paul Wesley, with his crazy acting skills has become the eye candy of Hollywood, through his portrayal of Stefan Salvatore from the hit show The Vampire Diaries, this next generation actor has a long way to go!
With his jaw-dropping good looks, maddening acting skills and his splendid British accent, Joseph Morgan has become the hottest face of villain in this century. Playing the role of the immortal powerful Hybrid, with his voracious plans and jaw-clenching attitude, Klaus Mikaelson—Joseph has yet again reminded us that villains too can steal your heart! Being the protagonist of the hit show The Originals The Originals is an American television series by >> Read More... The Originals , Joseph is our British delight!
In the town of bad boys, there has to be one angel with a halo on his head, and cruel intentions in his mind! Portraying the character of the eldest of the Mikaelson siblings, Elijah Mikaelson, Daniel Gillies has set an example for men all over the world that you can suit up and be saved and kill over a 100 vampires at the same time! With his stunning screen presence, Daniel has worked in various other shows namely Saving Hope. Ever since the spin-off happened, The Originals heavily relies upon Daniel’s talent. Way to go, Gillies!
I can already hear the Supernatural fans screaming after coming across this hottie. Jensen Ackles is the one man that has brought the role of Dean Winchester to such a level, that it has gained international acclaim and success with a maddening fan following—all credible to his insanely good looks and his sense of humour! Yes, he is the man you would go on a picnic with,that picnic which involves him being a badass and fighting demons on the way.
I mean, just look at him! 
CW shows have a long lost tradition of making the protagonist brothers the hottest creatures to walk the Earth. Same is the case with the show Supernatural, where Dean’s baby brother, Sam Winchester is the new face of the small-town boy with dreamy eyes and who multitasks on killing demons, witches and every other vile creature that is! Jared, with his intense eyes and stout body structure has left fans drooling over him! 
Winchesters charm, I am telling you! 
I know what you’re thinking. Oliver Queen has been the recent DC emerging hero, and that has been made possible only due to one man—Stephen Amell. Ever since he associated himself as Oliver Queen on the hit show Arrow, he has reminded that dedication and killer attitude can help us reach heights of success! Stephen has his own little family, and his younger brother, Robbie Amell, who starred in The Tomorrow People, too is a rising star!
Let’s say it runs in the family! 
We all have grown up reading comics, watching shows. And undoubtedly, Flash has always been our favourite superhero! With his unbelievable speed and his comedic timing, he has forever remained in our hearts. When CW took up the responsibility of bringing the superhero to our screens, Grant Gustin was a perfect choice! His American-boyish good looks, and superior acting skills, The Flash Click to look into! >> Read More... The Flash , our most favourite show ever!
After such amazing casting, who wouldn’t want a superhero by our side?
So, when CW introduced the new show The 1OO, we discovered a series of new faces that graced our screens, but the one face that left an impact on our minds was Bobby Morley. Portraying the role of Bellamy Blake, who once projected to be antagonistic in nature, is now the new emerging hero of the show. Bobby has a very South-American freshness, his roughness and edginess on the screen never failed to get our heartbeats racing.
We wish to watch this hottie everyday! 
Now this man is one piece of mutli-talent. Nathaniel Buzolic, or as his fans call him—Nate Buzz, first stole our heart in the hit tv show The Vampire Diaries portraying the mischievous and daunting, Kol Mikaelson. So much was his popularity he also made appearances in shows like The Pretty Little Liars. He now stars in the rom-com sitcom named Significant Mother as Jimmy Bemes. Nate is sure a delight for his fans, and his back and forth appearances surely keep us on our toes!