Top 10 Hollywood Actors Who Worked In Bollywood

Top 10 Hollywood Actors Who Worked In Bollywood English Article

Who said Bollywood is not trendy enough? Although we replicate and present stuff, nonetheless over the years Bollywood has earned a reputation. Gulshan Grover Gulshan Kumar is Bollywood’s most sought-after vil >> Read More... Gulshan Grover , the first actor to work abroad unwrapped new horizons. Present day scenario has seen many acclaimed actors like Big B Click to look into! >> Read More... Big B , Priyanka Chopra Born on 18 July 1982, Priyanka Chopra is an establ >> Read More... Priyanka Chopra traveling to foreign lands and earning the appreciation of masses. Conflicting to the popular belief, not only artists from our land have worked in Hollywood but also many prominent actors like Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone is a famous American artist, sc >> Read More... Sylvester Stallone , Barbara Mori Considered to be the first Mexican Actress that pe >> Read More... Barbara Mori have also been engaged in Bollywood projects. Moreover, many beauties like Nora Fatehi Nora Fatehi is yet another foreigner to get a brea >> Read More... Nora Fatehi , Scarlett Wilson from lands afar stole many hearts by their item numbers in multiple movies like ‘ Shanghai Click to look into! >> Read More... Shanghai ’ and ‘Baahubali’. Many other renowned actors are planning on working in Bollywood assignments. Meanwhile, have a look at the prevalent Hollywood actors who have worked in Bollywood movies.

1. Sylvester Stallone

Known to many as the Rocky star, Sylvester Stallone did a cameo in ‘ Kambakkht Ishq Click to look into! >> Read More... Kambakkht Ishq ’ starring Kareena Kapoor Khan Kareena Kapoor is a super hit actress working in I >> Read More... Kareena Kapoor Khan and Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar was born on 9th September 1967 and hi >> Read More... Akshay Kumar . This esteemed actor made an impactful desi hero entry and saved Kareena Kapoor and Dia Mirza Dia Mirza’s original name is Dia Handrich. Dia Mir >> Read More... Dia Mirza from goons. He is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. His notable roles in multiple movies have earned him admiration among masses.

2. Nathan Jones These days, studios in Bollywood are increasingly >> Read More... Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones is an Australian actor, power lifting champion, strongman and retired professional wrestler. He made his debut in Bollywood with Remo D’Souza’s recently released superhero movie, ‘ A Flying Jatt Click to look into! >> Read More... A Flying Jatt ’. This former WWE wrestler plays the role of a classic supervillain who after receiving powers becomes overwhelmed. Tiger Shroff Jai Shroff or popularly known as Tiger Shroff is a >> Read More... Tiger Shroff has to fight him to save the world. His performance in the movies ‘Mad Max Fury’ and ‘Troy’ made him one of the celebrated actors of Hollywood.

3. Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley born in Snainton village of England a >> Read More... Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley, an Oscar-winning actor for the movie ‘Gandhi’, was seen in the movie ‘ Teen Patti Click to look into! >> Read More... Teen Patti ’. Many of you might be oblivious to the fact that Ben Kingsley's birth name was Krishna Bhanji. Ben Kinsley’s father was Rahimtulla Harji Bhanji. He was a doctor of Gujarati descent and his mother was Anna Lyna Mary. She was an English actress. Ben is best known for his role in Gandhi, House Of Sand and Fog & many such ventures of Hollywood.

4. Kylie Minogue She was dubbed the “Pop Princess” before Britney S >> Read More... Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is an actress, singer, and a songwriter. She stepped into Bollywood with her debut in the song Chiggy Wiggy in the film ‘Blue’ starring Lara Dutta Lara Dutta is an Indian actress, model, movie prod >> Read More... Lara Dutta , Akshay Kumar, Zayed Khan Zayed Khan aka Zayed Abbas Khan is the son of the >> Read More... Zayed Khan and Sanjay Dutt July 29, 1959, was the day when the two legends of >> Read More... Sanjay Dutt . When the film Blue was released, it was the most expensive Bollywood movie. Kylie is well known for her songs like Rhythm of love & In my arms.

5. Sarah Thompson Sarah Thompson Kane is an American actress, born o >> Read More... Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is an actress from America well known for her roles in Angel and 7th Heaven. She made her debut in Bollywood movie ‘ Raajneeti Click to look into! >> Read More... Raajneeti ’ starring Nana Patekar Nana Patekar is a popular Indian actor who was bor >> Read More... Nana Patekar , Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor is a noted Indian film actor. He was >> Read More... Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif Latest Videos of Katrina Kaif >> Read More... Katrina Kaif . She played the role of Jean Collins, Ranbir's girlfriend from abroad, who gets killed in a conspiracy against the political family.

6. Paul Blackthorne He is a British Actor, who works in films and tele >> Read More... Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne's debuted in the Oscar-nominated Bollywood film ‘Lagaan’: Once upon in India as Captain Andrew Russell. Six months were spent by him to learn Hindi for his role. The story’s subjects are the inhabitants of a small village. They are burdened by high taxes applied by the Britishers. They find themselves in a peculiar situation as a haughty officer (Paul Blackthorne) dares them to play cricket as a wager to avoid the paying of future taxes. He is known for his role as Detective Lance in the TV series ‘Arrow’ and as a doctor in the movie Dumb To Dumber.

7. Roger Yuan Roger Winston Yaun or commonly known as Roger Yaun >> Read More... Roger Yuan

Roger Yuan has gained popularity and reverence worldwide through his skills in martial arts, fight trainer, action coordinator, actor and producer. He performed in the movie ‘ Chandni Chowk To China Click to look into! >> Read More... Chandni Chowk To China ’ starring Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone is an Indian actress and model. S >> Read More... Deepika Padukone and black belt Akshay Kumar in the lead roles. He played the role of Inspector Chiang Kohung. Akshay Kumar encounters an amnesiac vagrant. The vagrant is later identified to Deepika as Inspector Chiang. Eventually, Chiang recuperates his memory and coaches Sidhu in Kung Fu to fight against evil Hojo.

8. Rachel Shelley Rachel Shelley is a Hollywood actress and a model. >> Read More... Rachel Shelley

Rachel Shelley is a model & an English actress. She made her debut in Oscar-nominated movie Lagaan starring Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh Gracy Singh is a brilliant dancer and actress who >> Read More... Gracy Singh . In the movie, Aamir Khan is helped by Russell's sister Elizabeth (Rachel Shelley). She felt that her brother had mishandled the villagers. She teaches them the rules of the game and falls in love with Bhuvan (Aamir Khan).Whilst Gauri (Gracy Singh) is also in love with him. She is best known for her role in Lagaan (2001).

9. Clive Standen Clive James Standen is an English actor from Brita >> Read More... Clive Standen

Clive Standen is a British thespian best recognized for playing Rollo in the TV series ‘Vikings’. He made his debut as Charles ' Charlie ‘Charlie’ is a failed love triangle that neither i >> Read More... Charlie ' Brown in the film ‘ Namastey London Click to look into! >> Read More... Namastey London ’ starring Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar. He played the role of Katrina Kaif's boyfriend who she wantsedto marry over Akshay Kumar.

10. Jennifer Echols

Many of you may not have acknowledged her role in the movie ‘ My Name Is Khan Click to look into! >> Read More... My Name Is Khan ’ starring DDLJ stars Kajol Devgan Handpicked videos of Kajol Devgan... >> Read More... Kajol Devgan & SRK ( Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... Shah Rukh Khan ), but no one else could’ve done justice to the role of Mama Jenny. Jennifer Echols is known for her work in The Notebook (2004), My Name Is Khan (2010) and The Ladykillers (2004).

Apart from these actors many others like Rebecca Breeds Rebecca Elizabeth Breeds was born on 17th June, 19 >> Read More... Rebecca Breeds in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Click to look into! >> Read More... Bhaag Milkha Bhaag as Susan romanced Farhan Akhtar One of the most recognized young director of India >> Read More... Farhan Akhtar . As they say “Don’t underestimate the power of Bollywood fever.”