Top 10 Celebs Who Did Alcohol Advertisements

Top 10 Celebs Who Did Alcohol Advertisements English Article

1] Bruce Willis This guy was always summoned and well paid by prod >> Read More... Bruce Willis

1980’s was the years Bruce Willis promoted Seagram’s Golden Wine Cooler. His father being a soldier, he shows much passion in military and so played military roles in movies: The Siege(1998 film, directed by Edward Zwick Edward Zwick is an American director and also a Pr >> Read More... Edward Zwick ), Hart's War (2002 drama, directed by Gregory Hoblit), Tears of the Sun (2003 film, directed by Antoine Fuqua Antoine Fuqua is an American movie director, produ >> Read More... Antoine Fuqua ), Grindhouse (2007) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013 fiction, directed by Jonathan Murray Chu). He received enormous amounts for the said task. He is an American actor besides being a producer in the film industry and a singer. He was notably known for the role in Moonlighting (1985–1989) and Die Hard series.



He launches tequila, a form of distilled beverage called Casamigos. It was aged and refined in the best way possible. Casamigos is one of the high-end tequila made from the finest Weber agaves of Jalisco, Mexico. He is an American actor and a filmmaker too. He is the recipient of the Golden Globe Award. He was born in Kentucky.


3] Rande Gerber Rande Gerber is a businessman in the American ente >> Read More... Rande Gerber

He is an American business person. He is the founder of Gerber Group, a company which incorporates with bars across the world. He was involved in the launch of premium tequila called Casamigos with George Clooney.


4] Sean Combs Sean Combs, whose full name is Sean John Combs and >> Read More... Sean Combs

Sean is an American hip hop recording artist, entrepreneur and has done an acting role. He is also known as Diddy and Daddy because of his performances as an artist. He was the brand ambassador for Cîroc, a France vodka company in 2007. Sean promoted the Cîroc brand. He was the man behind the rise in sales of the Cîroc brand.


5] Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd was born in Ontario, Canada on 1st Jul >> Read More... Dan Aykroyd


Dan is a Canadian-American actor and a comedian. Besides being an actor, he is known to involve in entrepreneurial work. He loved traveling and was much influenced by the wine industry. His passion for drinking wine made him responsible for launching a wine company with John Alexander. In 2007, they founded Crystal Head Vodka. This brand is regarded as one of the premium vodkas because of its manufacturing technique.



Angelina Jolie is an American actress and a filmmaker. She was also involved in playing a humanitarian role for a better society. She and her husband started a wine estate from their French vineyard. The brand made its appearance in the British market for the first time after winning incoherent remarks by the critics. The brand named as Miraval Rose, seeks for a superior taste. The £18-a-bottle wine had manufactured at the couple's Chateau Miraval estate. She was the recipient of the Academy Award in 2000 as best supporting actress for the film, 'Girl, Interrupted'. She felt the need of humanitarian role while she was in Cambodia. She was there for shooting the film, Tomb Raider. In August 2001, she became the UNHCR ambassador.


7] David Beckham David Beckham, whose actual name is David Robert J >> Read More... David Beckham

David, is a former footballer, played for the English National Football Team. Besides, he does play some clubs. Haig Club, a Scotch whiskey crafted at Scotland’s oldest grain distillery Cameron bridge, was launched by him along with Diago and Simon.


Drew is an actress featuring in the American films. She is also an author and a model. Some of her books include 'Wildflower' and 'Find it in everything'. She was recognised as one of the Hollywood's child actresses for her role in comics. Because of her unstable childhood, she was abused by drug and alcohol. Her influence towards alcohol made her start 'Barrymore Pinot Grigio', a wine brand. The main constituent of this wine is the Monterey grown grapes.

9] Billy Dee Williams Billy Dee Williams is an American actor, popular a >> Read More... Billy Dee Williams

Billy is an American actor, singer, and writer. He was known for his role in the film franchise. Billy promotes Pabst Brewing Co.’s malt liquor brand Colt 45, an alcoholic beverage. He promotes it as a spokesman for over a five-year period since 1986.

10] Claire Forlani Claire Antonia Forlani is the full name of the act >> Read More... Claire Forlani

Claire is an English actress. She has played role in several films since 1992. Her first film being Gypsy Eyes in 1992. Before this, she made television appearances. She plays a temptress in the Dewar’s whiskey promotion.