Sexual Abuse Faced By Celebrities

Sexual Abuse Faced By Celebrities English Article

1. Tyler Perry

Writer, actor, producer, and director, Tyler Perry is one of the highest earning men in Hollywood. Tyler opened about his early life in 2010 on Oprah Winfrey show. This versatile man never felt safe during his childhood and described his early days as living in hell. He was a victim of brutal physical and emotional abuse by his father who whipped him with a vacuum cord. Tyler self-confessed, "To this day, I don't know why he did it. But I remember him cornering me in a room and hitting me with this vacuum cleaner cord. He would just not stop. There are all these welts on [me], the flesh that's coming from my bone, and I had to wait for him to go to sleep. When he fell asleep, I ran to my aunt's house, and she was mortified when she saw it.” Not only this, Tyler experienced sexual abuse at the hands of four adults. The first time it was when he was building a bird house and his neighbor assaulted him, the second time it was at the hands of a male nurse and third time it was a man in the church who gave him oral sex. Tyler at that time was only 5 or 6-years old. At the age of 10, it was his friend’s mother who pulled him on her top and had sex with him.

2. ‘ Madonna

Pop-star, Madonna was raped at the age of 19. In an interview with Harper magazine, the singing sensation revealed she was raped on the rooftop of her place in New York. 'New York wasn't everything I thought it would be. It did not welcome me with open arms. The first year, I was held up at gunpoint. Raped on the roof of a building I was dragged up to with a knife in my back', says Madonna. Due to fear and hopelessness, Madonna kept it a secret for so long.

3. Lady Gaga

The pop sensation never revealed the person who raped her at age of19 but told that the man was 20 years her senior. "It didn't affect me as much right after as it did about four or five years later," she said. It hit her so hard. She was so traumatized by it that she was like, 'Just keep going,' because she just had to get out of there. Her song ‘Swine’ was inspired from the molestation she faced as a teenager. The singer had to take therapy session to overcome the tormenting phase of her life.

4. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore at some point of her life was all into drugs and alcohol. She had her first drink at the age of 9. Drugs became an escape for her after she was raped by her dad not once but several times. Drew had several stints in rehab. Eventually, she gave up on drugs to make a successful career in Hollywood.

5. ‘ Kesha

Pop sensation accused Dr. Luke, her music director for raping her for ten consecutive years. It all started when Kesha was 18-years old. The singer claimed that Dr. Luke used to give her sober pills, a date rape drug. He refused re-negotiate any of her contracts and even threatened to destroy her and her family. Kesha filed a case against Dr. Luke, which eventually she lost.