Top 10 Bengali TV Channels In India

Top 10 Bengali TV Channels In India Bengali Article

When we come to the state of West Bengal, the language which is of the most influence is Bangla. And so the mode of communication and all other activities is majorly based on it. Hence also, in the entertainment of TV channels, everyone prefers Bangla, and the channel-specific in this language has more impact than other language channels. So let's check the top famous TV channels in Bangla.

1. Zee Bangla

An Indian commercial television station famous for its entertainment series and shows broadcast in Bengali is known as Zee Bangla. The shows and serials which make it more impressive and popular among Bengalis are 'Gouri Elo, Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh Hoy, Krishnakoli, Didi No. 1, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Mithai, Bhootu, and Lalkuthi'. The owner of the Channel is the Zee corporation.


2. Akash Aath

The Akash Aath is an entertainment-based channel based in the capital of the state of Bengal, Kolkata, and is specific to the Bengali language. The ownership of the Channel lies in the hand of Ashok Surana Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ashok Surana , the CEO of the company channel, and the company director is Ishita Surana. The Channel Click to look into! >> Read More... The Channel is \famous for Chanel like "Chhoy Masher Mega, Bengal Crime, Hoyto Tomari Janyo, Aakaash Barta Live, Good Morning Akash, Ek Maasher Galpo, Jagat Janani Maa Sarada, and Police Files."

3. Ruposhi Bangla

Ruposhi Bangla is again a publicly famous entertainment channel based on different news shows and many more family-based serials like 'Eki Brinte Duti Kusum, Shomoy, Yugantar, Mohon Baganer Meye, Prafulla, and Jao Pakhi.' The company which produces this Channel is Brand Value Communications Limited.


4. Colors Bangla

Colors Bangla is another entertainment channel filled with different types of emotional, motivating, and ordinary family-type soaps. Apart from this, it sometimes hosts awards ceremony specific to Colors awards. A few well-known soaps are "Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Chandrakanta, Kawach, Mahakali — Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, Barrister Babu, Sona Roder Gaan, and Tumpa Autowali."


5. Zee 24 Ghanta

Under the control of Zee media corporation Channel Zee 24 Ghanta lives. This Channel is to convey the new roaming all around the world in Bengali. A few great shows on the Channel include "Sarater Raat, Limelight, Aapnar Raay, Pujo Asche, Pujor Fashion, Jelar Dupur, Bhalobese Sakhi, Aaj Bangla, Breakfast Aathiya, and Raat Phohalo."


6. Star Jalsha

The Star Jalsha is the subset channel of Star channels which are diversified in almost states based on languages and different types of media like Star sport for sport and star news network channels for news. So coming to Star Jalsa is an entertainment soap channel famous for shows "Gaatchora, Guddi, Ekka Dokka, Aalta Phoring, Radha Krishn, Anurager Chhowa, and Dhulokona."


7. ABP Ananda

ABP Ananda is a Bengali news channel that deliberately shows like Ananada shows which are generally shown in the morning and late at night to have an overview of the day. In contrast, Ek Dazon Galpo is about sports news from all around the world. Another famous show from the Channel is 'Aaj Banglay' is about spicy social and political news specifically from India.


8. News Time  Bangla

The motto of the Channel is News Time Bangla. Any time, all the time. As it says, the Channel is a non-stop 24 hours news channel. The owner of the Channel is Shovan Das and Monty Jaiswal. And the Channel has been in progress since 2010.


9. Sangeet Bangla

The Channel Sangeet Bangla is a music channel that can be seen in countries apart from India. Media Worldwide Limited handles the Channel. This Channel was published in the year 2005. Also, this Channel was in early times created to showcase the great Bengal culture to the world.

10. Dhoom Music

Dhoom Music is again the rival of Sangeet Bangla as it also broadcasts music, but the difference lies in the Channel specifically showing movie songs. This Channel's ownership lies in the hand of Brand Value Communications.