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Top 10 Bengali Films About Adventure

Top 10 Bengali Films About Adventure Bengali Article

Bengali films have been creating several plots with visual representation. One such is adventure films. These films excel in the storyline as well as the creativity of the VFX along with the acting skills. Here is the list of Bengali films about adventure.

1. Sonar Kella

The film Sonar Kella is adapted from a story by Satyajit Ray Biographies reveal bare details about the maverick >> Read More... . It is from one of the Feluda series. The name of the story is Sonar Kella. Mukul Dhar is a young boy. He says that he can remember his past life. Dr. Hemanga Hajra is looking after him. He is a parapsychologist. Mukul always remains quiet, and he paints. He says that he lived in a golden fortress. There is a treasure. It means Sonar Kella. There are two con men. Amiyanath Burman and Mandar Bose. They try to kidnap him to get the treasure. Now they go to Rajasthan. Now Feluda is called upon to investigate this case. He is a private detective.

2. Chander Pahar

The film Chander Pahar is about the adventure of Shankar Ray Chaudhuri. The film is based on the novel Chander Pahar, written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay was a novelist, lyric >> Read More... . Chander Pahar means the mountains of the moon. Shankar is a twenty years old man. After completing his graduation, he goes on an adventure to South Africa. He wants to be an explorer like Livingstone, Marco Polo, and Mungo Park. He becomes a stationmaster on Uganda Railway. There he fights with a lion and a snake. He meets Diego Alvarez. They set on an adventure to find diamond mines. Shankar kills Bunip, a huge creature. He succeeds.

3. Karnasubarner Guptadhan

The film Karnasubarner Guptadhan is about finding a treasure. Professor Subarna Sen is a history professor. He is also known as Sonada. Abir is his younger brother. Jhinuk is Abir’s love interest. Sonada, Abir, and Jhinuk visit a relative’s home. They find an old riddle. It explains how to find King Shashanka’s treasure. They have to face many enemies. They stop them from solving it. They also want the treasure. They solve the riddles. All riddles lead to another riddle. Every time they have to go to many places. They face great adventure and find the greatest treasure.

4. Amazon Obhijan

The film Amazon Obhijan is the continuation of the film Chander Pahar. Shankar is now in his hometown. He lives there. An Italian woman named Anna Florian visits him with her father, Marco Florian. They say that they must find El Dorado. It is the city of gold in the Amazon. Shankar now again goes for an adventure. The three people go together to explore the forests. They face many difficulties. They save themselves from dangerous animals. They survive the forest. But in an incident, Marco dies. But Shankar wins in the end.

5. Guptadhaner Sondhane

The film Guptadhaner Sondhane is about finding a treasure. Professor Subarna Sen is a history professor. He is also known as Sonada. Abir is his younger brother. Jhinuk is Abir’s love interest. Sonada was living abroad. He returns to India after many years. Then he greets Abir and Jhinuk. They all go to Abir’s ancestral home. It is in Manikpur. There, his maternal uncle Harinarayan Singha Roy died. And nobody knows the reason. There they all speak. They come to know that there some area, lies a treasure of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s second son, Prince Shuja. It is three hundred and fifty years old. His ancestor, before dying, left a clue to find it. Now the three go on an adventure to find the treasure.

6. Yeti Obhijan

The film Yeti Obhijaan is about Kakababu and his adventure. Caine Shipton is a mountaineer. He vanishes suddenly. It happens during his mountaineering. It is mysterious to everyone. There is a rumor that a Yeti is responsible. Now, Kakababu and Sontu set out for an adventure to explore the mystery. They go to the base of Mount Everest. It is in Gorokhsheep Plateau. There are Nepali officers. They are Jang Bahadur Rana, Tribhuban Gupta, and Sherpa Mingma. He helps them on their way. They face several problems. They overcome at last. They reveal an illegal work of a person named Caine Shipton.

7. Dugeshgorer Guptodhon

The film Durgeshgorer Guptodhon is about an adventure. Professor Subarna Sen is a history professor. He is also known as Sonada. Abir is his younger brother. Jhinuk is Abir’s love interest. Sonada, Abir, and Jhinuk visit Sonada’s student’s ancestor’s home. It is in Durgeshgor. The ancestor was Durgagati Deb Roy. He was a zamindar. He was also a famous artist. They visit there in Durga Puja. During the puja, they come to know about a treasure. It was a gift from King Krishnachandra Roy. It was given after the Battle of Plassey. The three set out to find the treasure.

8. Kakababur Protyaborton

The film Yeti Kakababur Protyaborton is about Kakababu and his adventure. Kakababu is also known as Raja Roy Chowdhury. Santu is his nephew. They go to Kenya, Africa. They want a vacation. They meet a Bengali man named Amal. They stay in a hotel. They talk and come to know that there is a problem in the hotel. Then suddenly, Kakababu receives a call. Someone gives him a threat. There is the issue of selling the hotel. They also come to know that the Masai tribe is protesting the government. Many truths come out. Now he must set on an adventure to solve the case.

9. Adventures Of Jojo

The film Adventures of Jojo is about a child and his adventures. The film is adapted from a novel named Tongling, written by Leela Majumdar Leela Majumdar was an author of Indian origin who >> Read More... . This film is also inspired by a film by Richard Boddington. It is An Elephant’s Journey. The film shows the killing of tigers and wildlife. Jojo is a twelve years old boy. He goes to school. He lives with his parents in Kolkata. He dreams about animals. He loves animals very much. One day his parents take his grandmother to Vellore for treatment. Now Jojo cannot stay alone. So, he goes to his uncle’s home in Arunachal Pradesh. He becomes friends with Shibu. Shibu is a local boy. They roam the forest together.

10. Jawker Dhon

The film Jawker Dhon is about adventure. This film is adapted from the novel Jawker Dhon by Bimal Kumar and Hemendra Kumar Roy Hemendra Kumar was born in Kolkata in 1888 on 2nd >> Read More... . Jawker Dhan means the treasure of ghosts. Kumar finds a puzzle on a human skull. The skull was just an antique piece of his grandfather. It is a clue to a Tibetan treasure. Now he sets out to9 find the treasure.



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