Mimicry Sethu is an Indian film on-screen actor, who has worked transcendentally in Tamil motion picture industry. Mimicry Sethu's previous film to hit the theatres was Kattappava Kaanom in the year 2017. Son of noted mimicry craftsman Sivagangi Sethurajan. The most prominent estate from his dad is the versatile voice. Sethu had the energy for mimicry acting far before the age he could know, his dad was known and acclaimed for a similar ability to impersonate. He copied the characteristics of renowned and famous identities whom his dad met. Ten years after his lady execution, Sethu took to acting with calls for arranges appears. Be that as it may, clutching the way picked was intense. It was a period when mimicry was picking up energy in the state in addition to that engaging troupes was soaked with such specialists. Sitting tight for assembles of quite a long time demonstrated difficult to the craftsman.

The holding up stage was additionally learning period for the craftsman as he turned his mimicry to flawlessness. The holdup yielded result as Vijay TV offered him the grapple's part of the drama indicate "Kalakka Povadhu Yaru"(KPY). Kalakka Povadhu Yaru is a Tamil comic drama demonstrates that has been effective in all its six seasons. The show has seen extraordinary abilities ideal from the earliest starting point. Aside from Mimicry Sethu, the show has seen Anchor Mahesh, Actress Aarthi and Anchor Priyanka for judging the occasion. The judges likewise played out some engaging demonstrations. Despite it not being his introduction in TV medium, it gave him the genuinely imperative character. His commencing TV indicates including "Sagala versus Ragala" on a similar channel neglected to scale the TRP evaluations. Sethu's uniqueness lies in the voices he picks.

He brings back the memory of countless overlooked countenances of Tamil film industry with his flawless copying. Sethu's unequaled most loved mimicries are of veteran performing artists, V.S.Ragavan and Shanmugasundaram of "Karagatakaran" notoriety. The profundity in his voice likewise gets him offers in radio jingles. Both "Madhumathi" and "Ilayal Raagam" where he imparted edge to Vaiyypuri and Vivek couldn't make it high in the film industry. His off the cuff discussion with which he keeps a group of onlookers in parts all during that time long program on ends of the week did the trap. He said in a meeting with The Hindu that he doesn't set aside much opportunity to convey exchanges. Imitating famous performing artist may interest for the group of onlookers. He trusts that performers wouldn't fret artists copying them as long as they are not being derided. The moral set of accepted rules of each mimicry artist is to oppose deriding at the characteristics of the performing artists. His aphorism is "Have fun, hurt none.”